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Recently Published

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November 2018

Atlantic Slavery and the Slave Trade: History and Historiography (Daniel B. Domingues da Silva, Philip Misevich)
Environmental History (Emmanuel Kreike)
Exploring Present Pasts: Popular Arts as Historical Sources (Bogumil Jewsiewicki, Allen F. Roberts)
Rock Art Research Methods (Jeremy Hollmann)
The Dakar School of African History (Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch)
The Internet and Social Media as Sources (Aubrey Bloomfield, Sean Jacobs)

October 2018

Genetics and Southern African History (Francesco Montinaro, Cristian Capelli)

September 2018

West African Cinema (John C. McCall)
Women in Angola (Mariana P. Candido)

August 2018

Archaeozoology: Methods (Veerle Linseele)

July 2018

Photographs as Sources in African History (Robert Gordon, Jonatan Kurzwelly)

June 2018