Forthcoming Articles

Forthcoming Articles

Explore ORE of Anthropology articles in progress, organized by subfield (note that articles may appear under more than one category). Projected publication dates are provided for articles in production. When available, linked titles will take you to an advance summary of the article.

Looking for a list of published content? Click on the headings below to browse by subfield or visit our list of recently published articles.

Applied Anthropology

Leadership and Organizational Development (Derek Newberry, Eric Gruebel)


Early states and Complex Societies in East and Southern Africa (Chapurukha M. Kusimba)
Eastern African Stone Age (Yonatan Sahle)
Faunal Analysis in African Archaeology (Jessica C. Thompson)
Fire Use (Silje Bentsen)
Heat Treatment (Patrick Schmidt)
Hunter-Gatherer Women (Marlize Lombard, Katharine Kyriacou)
Origins of African Metallurgy (Augustin F. C. Holl)
The Early Middle Stone Age in South Africa (Sarah Wurz)

Biological Anthropology

Commissioning in progress

Histories of Anthropology

Early states and Complex Societies in East and Southern Africa (Chapurukha M. Kusimba)

International and Indigenous Anthropology

Commissioning in progress

Linguistic Anthropology

Commissioning in progress

Sociocultural Anthropology

Economies of Recycling (Catherine Alexander, Josh Reno)
Markets and Corporations (Keir James Cecil Martin)
Mining and Indigenous Peoples (Nicholas Bainton)
Mobility and Value in Global Sport (Susan Brownell, Niko Besnier)
Pastoralists (Philip Carl Salzman)
Remittances (Alessandro Monsutti)
Tourism and Indigenous Peoples (Michelle MacCarthy)