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Past Updates

Past Updates

July 2018

June 2018

Christianity in Asia (Barbara Watson Andaya)

May 2018

The Kök Türk Empires (Michael R. Drompp)

April 2018

Tamerlane and the Timurids (Beatrice Forbes Manz)

February 2018

Russia in Asia (Alfred J. Rieber)

January 2018

Feminism in Japan (Barbara Molony)
Modern Bangladesh (Iftekhar Iqbal)

December 2017

November 2017

Khojas of Kashgar (Alexandre Papas)

October 2017

The Emirate of Bukhara (Andreas Wilde)

September 2017

Asian Piracy (Sebastian R. Prange)

August 2017

May 2017

Modern Saudi Arabia (Fred H. Lawson)
The Canton Trade, 1700-1842 (Paul A. Van Dyke)

April 2017

Early Buddhism (Xinru Liu)
India's Middle Class (Sanjay Joshi)
Meiji Revolution (Hiroshi Mitani)
The 1989 Tiananmen Movement and Its Aftermath (Rowena Xiaoqing He), summary

March 2017

Famine in Imperial and Modern China (Kathryn Edgerton-Tarpley)
Georgia before the Mongols (Stephen H. Rapp Jr.)
Japanese Empire in Hokkaido (Philip Seaton), summary
Khojas of Kashgar (Alexandre Papas), summary
Modern Armenia (Simon Payaslian), summary
Modern Nepal (Marie Lecomte-Tilouine)
Modern Philippines (Vicente L. Rafael), summary
Origins of British India (Tirthankar Roy)
Pashtuns (Robert Nichols)
The Xiongnu (Hyun Jin Kim)
The Yuezhi (Craig Benjamin)
Warfare in Premodern Southeast Asia (Michael Charney), summary

February 2017

Modern Cambodia Since 1863 (John Tully), summary
Modern Hong Kong (Steve Tsang)

January 2017

Archaeology of Buddhism in Asia (Himanshu Prabha Ray), summary

December 2016

Sugar Industry in Colonial Indonesia (Roger Knight), summary

November 2016

Christianity in Asia (Barbara Watson Andaya), summary
Ethnicity in Turkic Central Asia (Peter Finke), summary
Mongols in the Middle East (George Lane), summary

August 2016

India's Middle Class (Sanjya Joshi) (summary)
Meiji Rejuvenation (Hiroshi Mitani) (summary)
Pashtuns (Robert Nichols) (summary)
The Canton Trade (Paul A. Van Dyke) (summary)