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Acraephnium (mod. Karditza), city in NE Boeotia, located above a small bay of Lake Copais; perhaps the Homeric Arne. Fortifications and cemeteries have been excavated, the latter revealing splendid examples of early painted pottery. It entered the Boeotian Confederacy in 447 bce, and by 395 bce joined with Copae and Chaeronea to form one unit. It provided the Thebans with shelter after Alexander (3) the Great destroyed their city in 335 bce (see thebes (1)). In the wake of anti-Roman sentiment in 196 bce, Appius Claudius attacked the city. A long inscription details the benefactions of Epaminondas, a local magnate (mid-1st cent. ce), including repair of the Copais-dike protecting the civic land from flood. The Ptoion was in Acraephnium's territory.


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