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November 2018

Climate Multilateralism (Eduardo Viola, Joana Castro Pereira), summary
Empirical-Statistical Downscaling: Nonlinear Statistical Downscaling (Aristita Busuioc, Alexandru Dumitrescu), summary

October 2018

Climate and Simulation (Gabriele Gramelsberger)
Climate of the Mediterranean Region (Ricardo García-Herrera, David Barriopedro)
Hail and Hailstorms (Julian Brimelow)
History of Typhoon Science (Aitor Anduaga), summary
Numerical Methods in Atmospheric Models (Fedor Mesinger, Miodrag Rančić, R. James Purser)

September 2018

July 2018

Spatial Statistics (Christopher K. Wikle)

June 2018

Communicating About Clean Energy and Efficiency Policies (Matthew A. Shapiro, Toby Bolsen, Anna McCaghren Fleming)

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