Oxford Encyclopedia of Intergroup Communication

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Intergroup Communication

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Intergroup Communication provides an in-depth coverage of research, theory, and application of intergroup communications. The encyclopedia provides a window into the communicative world of intergroup relations, that is integral to other social sciences – especially given how ‘intergroup umbrella” integrates and transcends many of the traditional conceptual boundaries in the field of Communication (i.e., media, health, intercultural, organizational, and so forth). The encyclopedia is available as a thematic print collection. All of the articles also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication.


 Howie Giles, University of California, Santa Barbara

 Jake Harwood, University of Arizona

Editorial Board

 Stephen Croucher, University of Jyväskylä

 Don Ellis, University of Hartford

 Cindy Gallois, University of Queensland

 Monica Rubini, University of Bologna

 Gün Semin, Utrecht University


Approaches and Methods in Intergroup Communication

Geographical Regions

Institutional Contexts

Intergroup Communication Phenomena


Social Groups and Contexts

Theories of Intergroup Communication


Behavioral Indicators of Discrimination in Social Interactions (Abigail R. Corrington, Mikki Hebl, Jo-Ann Tsang)
Crisis Communication (Audra Diers-Lawson)
Dance as Intergroup Communication (Rachyl Pines, Howard Giles)
Disability and Intergroup Communication (Karyn Ogata Jones, Lee Crandall)
Dress Style Code and Fashion (Lauren Keblusek, Howard Giles)
Gender Bias and Sexism in Language (Michela Menegatti, Monica Rubini)
Gender Issues in Intergroup Communication (V. Skye Wingate, Nicholas A. Palomares)
Group Labeling (Andrea Carnaghi, Mauro Bianchi)
Group Status (Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi)
Imagined Interactions (James M. Honeycutt, Robert M. McCann)
Indigenous Languages: Their Threatened Extinction is a Global Responsibility (Diana Cárdenas, Roxane de la Sablonnière, Donald M. Taylor)
Ingroup Love and Outgroup Hate (Silvia Moscatelli, Monica Rubini)
Integrated Threat Theory (Stephen M. Croucher)
Intercultural Workplace Communication (Malgorzata Lahti, Maarit Valo)
Interethnic Communication (Federica Pieragostini, Bruno Gabriel Salvador Casara, Caterina Suitner)
Intergroup Communication: Spain (Ma.Àngels Viladot)
Intergroup Contact (Jake Harwood)
Intergroup Metaphors (Elise Holland, Michelle Stratemeyer, Nick Haslam)
Jokes and Humor in Intergroup Relations (Thomas E. Ford, Christopher J. Breeden, Emma C. O'Connor, Noely C. Banos)
Language and Power (Sik Hung Ng, Fei Deng)
Language Attitudes (Marko Dragojevic)
Linguistic Bias (Camiel J. Beukeboom, Christian Burgers)
Media Portrayals and Effects: Latinos (Alexander Sink, Dana Mastro)
Mediated Contact (Nick Joyce)
Nonaccommodation (Jessica Gasiorek)
Online Contact and Intergroup Conflict Resolution (Yair Amichai-Hamburger, Shir Etgar)
Political Correctness (Becky R. Ford)
Politician-Public Group Dynamics (João R. Caetano, Alexandra F. Martins)
Prejudiced Communication (Janet B. Ruscher)
Refugees and Diasporas (Tenzin Dorjee)
Social Psychological Approaches to Intergroup Communication (Katharine H. Greenaway, Cindy Gallois, S. Alexander Haslam)
Speech and Debate (Michael Chouinard, Daniel Cronn-Mills)
Sport and Intergroup Communication (Andrew C. Billings, Fei Qiao)
Terrorism and Intergroup Communication (Allison E. Betus, Michael K. Jablonski, Anthony F. Lemieux)
Uncertainty and Extremism (Sucharita Belavadi)
Uncertainty Management Theories (Michael A. Hogg, Sucharita Belavadi)
Understanding Hate Speech (Michael S. Waltman, Ashely A. Mattheis)
Vitality Theory (Benjamin King Smith, Martin Ehala, Howard Giles)
Weight and Weightism (Analisa Arroyo, Kristin Andersen)