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Location-Based Ads and Exposure to Health and Risk Messages  

Jonathan van 't Riet, Jorinde Spook, Paul E. Ketelaar, and Arief Hühn

Political Correctness  

Becky R. Ford

Online publication date:
Aug 2017

Entertainment-Education and Health and Risk Messaging  

Suruchi Sood, Amy Henderson Riley, and Kristine Cecile Alarcon

Queer Perspectives in Communication Studies  

Isaac N. West

Online publication date:
Feb 2018

Appeals to Morality in Health and Risk Messaging  

Ann Neville Miller

Online publication date:
Jan 2017

Jokes and Humor in Intergroup Relations  

Thomas E. Ford, Christopher J. Breeden, Emma C. O'Connor, and Noely C. Banos

Online publication date:
Sep 2017