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Recently Published

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February 2019

Biosocial Theories in Criminology (Jessica Wells, Anthony Walsh)
Capital Punishment (Paul Kaplan)
Consent Decrees and Police Reform (John L. Worrall, Zachary A. Powell)
Correctional Classification and Security (Sarah Tahamont, Nicole E. Frisch)
Developmental and Life-Course Perspectives on Gangs (Molly Buchanan, Elise T. Simonsen, Marvin D. Krohn)
Probation Revocation (David E. Olson)
Punishment and Citizenship (Michael T. Light, Jason P. Robey)

January 2019

Body Cameras and Policing (Bryce Elling Peterson, Daniel S. Lawrence)
Global Security Surveillance (Keith Guzik, Gary T. Marx)
Online Fraud (Cassandra Cross)

November 2018

Economic Crises, Common Crime, and Penality (José A. Brandariz, Ignacio González-Sánchez)
Finance Crime (Arjan Reurink)

October 2018

Family Violence (Tara E. Sutton, Leslie Gordon Simons)
Institutional Anomie Theory across Nation States (Andreas Hövermann, Steven F. Messner), summary
Police Corruption (Leslie Holmes), summary
Police Officer Suicide (John M. Violanti)
Using Social Media to Resist Gender Violence: A Global Perspective (Bianca Fileborn, Rachel Loney-Howes), summary

September 2018

Corporate Crime and the State (Adam Ghazi-Tehrani)
Deportation and Immigration Enforcement (David C. Brotherton, Sarah Tosh)
Philosophies of Punishment (Jerry Cederblom), summary

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