Past Updates

Past Updates

September 2018

A Critical Review of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) (Laura Colucci-Gray, Pamela Burnard, Donald Gray, Carolyn Cooke), summary
Accountability (Esther Dominique Klein), summary
Accountability in Assessment Administration (Arsaythamby Veloo, Ruzlan Md-Ali), summary
Action Research as Continuous Professional Development in Southeast Asia (Sarimah binti Shaik-Abdullah, S. Kanageswari Suppiah Shanmugam, Mohan Chinappan), summary
Assessing Potential for Learning in School Children (Wilma C. M. Resing, Julian G. Elliott, Bart Vogelaar), summary
Cognitive Regulation (Dale H. Schunk), summary
Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation (Eva Zygmunt, Kristin Cipollone, Patricia Clark, Susan Tancock)
Developing and Supporting Educational Leaders for Successful Community Partnerships (Carlos Azcoitia, Karen Carlson, Ted Purinton), summary
Disruptive Classroom Technologies (Anthony J. "Sonny" Magana III), summary
Education and Media Discourses (Nicole Mockler), summary
Effective Practices for Teaching Content Area Reading (Elizabeth A. Stevens, Sharon Vaughn), summary
Epistemology and Teacher Education (Matthew Smith), summary
Ethnic Minority Education in China (Mei Wu, MaryJo Benton Lee, Forrest W. Parkay, Paul Pitre), summary
Ethnography Across Borders (Marta Sánchez), summary
Family Engagement and Educational Leadership (Serkan Koşar, Didem Koşar, Kadir Beycioglu), summary
Gender and the Superintendency (Susan Katz), summary
Hierarchical Organizational Structure and leadership (Anna Saiti, Theodoros Stefou), summary
Home Schooling and Home Education (Kalwant Bhopal, Martin Myers), summary
Inclusive and Special Education Services in Rural Settings (Jayanthi Narayan, Nibedita Patnaik), summary
Inclusive School Reform in Swaziland (Cebsile Nxumalo), summary
Indigenous Teacher Education in Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand (Celia Haig-Brown, Te Kawehau Hoskins), summary
Leadership Coaching (Donald Wise), summary
Learning Strategies Instruction (Mary Grosser), summary
Literacy and Identities (Christopher J. Wagner), summary
Mental Toughness (Helen St. Clair-Thompson, Sarah Mcgeown), summary
Mindfulness and ‘Educational New Ageism’ (Marina Schwimmer, Kevin McDonough)
Optimism, Pessimism, and Realism in Educational Leadership (Sefika Mertkan, Ciaran Sugrue), summary
Organizational Theory and Culture (Norazlinda Saad, Paramjit Kaur), summary
Practice-Focused Research in Initial Teacher Education (Jane Abbiss, Eline Vanassche), summary
Queer Pedagogy (Matthew Thomas-Reid)
Teacher-Principal Trust and their Relationships (Ismail Hussein Amzat), summary
Technology Proficiency in Teaching and Facilitating (Surendran Sankaran, Norazlinda Saad), summary
Transformational Leadership and Change in Education (David Litz, Rida Blaik-Hourani), summary
Transnationalism and Education (G. Sue Kasun, Patricia Sánchez), summary
Vygotskian Theory of Development (Yuriy Karpov), summary
Writing Educational Ethnography (Sara Delamont), summary

August 2018

Intuition and Education (Emily Sadowski)

July 2018

June 2018

Biographical Approaches in Education (Belmira Oliveira Bueno)
Teacher Education and the Global Impact of Teach For All (Katie Crawford-Garrett, Matthew Thomas)
Writing and Managing Multimodal Field Notes (Fernando Hernández-Hernández, Juana M. Sancho-Gil)

May 2018

Arts Education Research (Benjamin Jörissen, Leopold Klepacki, Ernst Wagner)
Autonomy and Education (Peter Nelson)
Queer Studies in Education (Jennifer C. Ingrey)

April 2018

Achievement Motivation in Education (Judith Meece, Charlotte Agger)
Creativity in Education (Anne Harris, Leon De Bruin)
Indigenous School Education in Brazil (Roseli R. Mello, Marcondy M. de Sousa, Thaís J. Palomino)

February 2018

Digital Literacies in Early Childhood (Fiona Scott, Jackie Marsh)
Garden-Based Education (Dilafruz Williams)
State Initiatives on Globalizing Higher Education in Japan (Satoshi P. Watanabe, Machi Sato, Masataka Murasawa)

January 2018

Ecofeminism and Education (Jennifer Hatten-Flisher, Rebecca A. Martusewicz)
Indigenous Education and Decolonization (Yvonne Poitras Pratt, Dustin W. Louie, Aubrey Jean Hanson, Jacqueline Ottmann)
School Culture (Diana Gonçalves Vidal, André Paulilo)
Youth and Media Culture (Stuart R. Poyntz, Jennesia Pedri)

December 2017

Adult Education, Community, and Learning for Democracy in Scotland (Jim Crowther, Aileen Ackland, Margaret Petrie, David Wallace)
Commercialization in Education (Anna Hogan, Greg Thompson)
Earth Ethics for Education (Clarence W. Joldersma)
Ethnography and Education (Alpesh Maisuria, Dennis Beach)
Moral and Character Education (David Ian Walker, Stephen J. Thoma)
Multimodal Literacy (Kathy A. Mills, Len Unsworth)
School Ethnography in Chile (Paulina Contreras, Eduardo Santa Cruz G., Jenny Assaél, Andrea Valdivia)
Teacher Education in Australia (Diane Mayer, Wayne Cotton, Alyson Simpson)
Traditions, Research, and Practice Supporting Academically Productive Classroom Discourse (Jie Park, Sarah Michaels, Renee Affolter, Catherine O'Connor)
Translanguaging (Sara Vogel, Ofelia Garcia)
Trust in Education (Megan Tschannen-Moran)

November 2017

October 2017

Curriculum and Place (William M. Reynolds)
Family and Home Literacy Across Time (Catherine Compton-Lilly)
Spirituality and Education in the United States (Roland W. Mitchell, Nicholas E. Mitchell, Chaunda A. Mitchell)

September 2017

Authenticity in Education (Lauren Bialystok)
Core Reflection Approach in Teacher Education (Fred A.J. Korthagen, Ellen E. Nuijten)
Jan Amos Comenius (Stephen Tomlinson)
Social Geography, Space, and Place in Education (Aspa Baroutsis, Barbara Comber, Annette Woods)
Teacher Unions (John McCollow)

August 2017

July 2017

Accountabilities in Schools and School Systems (Bob Lingard, Sam Sellar, Steven Lewis)
Alternative Education (Martin Mills, Glenda McGregor)
Creativity in Education (Anne Harris, Leon De Bruin), summary
Gender, Justice, and Equity in Education (Elisabet Öhrn, Gaby Weiner)
Intuition and Education (Emily Sadowski), summary
Liberalism in Education (Winston C. Thompson)
Place-Based Education (Gregory A. Smith)
Research on Racism in Teacher Education in the United States (Vanessa Dodo Seriki, Cory T. Brown), summary
Social Inclusion (John Smyth)
Structural Reforms and Equity in Chilean Schools (Juan Pablo Valenzuela, Carmen Montecinos)
Teacher Education for Bi/Multilingual Students (Maria Estela Brisk, Yalda M. Kaveh), summary

June 2017

The World Bank and Educational Assistance (D. Brent Edwards Jr., Inga Storen)

May 2017

Common Core Standards (U.S.) (Patrick Shannon), summary
Dynamics in Education Politics and the Finnish PISA Miracle (Hannu Simola, Jaakko Kauko, Janne Varjo, Mira Kalalahti, Fritjof Sahlström)
Indigenous Education and Decolonization (Yvonne Poitras Pratt, Dustin W. Louie, Aubrey Jean Hanson, Jacqueline Ottmann), summary
Teacher Education Research (Ian Menter), summary
Translanguaging (Sara Vogel, Ofelia Garcia), summary

April 2017

Citizenship and Ethics (Dianne Gereluk)
Longitudinal Study of Teachers (Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Elizabeth Rosales)
Progressivism (Daniel Tröhler)

March 2017

Autoethnography (Susanne Gannon)
Critical Literacy (Vivian Maria Vasquez)
Education and Peace (Taro Komatsu)
Education for Global Citizenship (Carlos Alberto Torres)
Elite and Private Education (Catherine Doherty, Megan Pozzi)
Elite Schools and 21st-Century Class Making (Jane Kenway, Diana Langmead)
In-Service Teacher Training for Inclusion (Chris Forlin, Kuen-Fung Sin)
Paulo Freire (Peter Roberts)
Teaching Self-Efficacy (David Morris)
Transitions, Justice, and Equity in Education in Finland (Kristiina Brunila, Elina Ikävalko, Tuuli Kurki, Ameera Masoud, Katariina Mertanen, Anna Mikkola, Kalle Mäkelä)

February 2017

School Climate (Ruth Berkowitz, Aidyn Iachini, Hadass Moore, Gordon Capp, Ronald Pitner, Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty)
School Violence (Gordon Capp, Hadass Moore, Ronald Pitner, Aidyn Iachini, Ruth Berkowitz, Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty)
Visual Literacy (Frank Serafini)

December 2016

Relational Pedagogy (Mary Jo Hinsdale)

November 2016

Alternative Education (Martin Mills, Glenda McGregor), summary
Confucianism and Education (Charlene Tan), summary
Deleuze Studies in Education (David R. Cole), summary
Development Assistance Projects for Developing Human Capital (I-Hsuan Cheng, Sheng-Ju Chan), summary
Moral and Character Education (Stephen Thoma, David Ian Walker), summary
Place-Based Education (Gregory A. Smith), summary
Postcolonialism and Education (Penny Enslin), summary
School Ethnography in Chile (Paulina Contreras), summary
Trust in Education (Megan Tschannen-Moran), summary

October 2016

August 2016

Area-based Responses to Educational Disadvantage (Kirstin Kerr, Alan Dyson), summary
Gender, Justice, and Equity in Education (Elisabet Ohrn, Gaby Weiner), summary
Music Education Research (Koji Matsunobu, Liora Bresler), summary
Non-Standardized Englishes (Patriann Smith), summary
Pedagogy for Inclusive Education (Tim Loreman), summary

July 2016

Longitudinal Studies of Teachers (Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Elizabeth Rosales), summary

June 2016

Critical Whiteness Studies (Barbara Applebaum)
Decolonial Philosophies of Education (Nassim Noroozi), summary
World-Systems Theorizing (Thomas Griffiths), summary

May 2016

Education and Peace (Taro Komatsu), summary
Education and the Essence of Technology (Glenn M. Hudak), summary

April 2016

Liberalism in Education (Winston C. Thompson) (summary)
School Culture (Diana Vidal) (summary)
Teachers as Conscientious Objectors (Doris Santoro) (summary)

March 2016

Elite and Private Education (Catherine Doherty) (summary)
Visual Literacy (Frank Serafini) (summary)

February 2016

Citizenship and Ethics (Dianne Gereluk) (summary)
Paulo Freire (Peter Roberts) (summary)

January 2016

Critical Race Theory (Paula Groves Price) (summary)
Discourses of Adolescence and Gender (Pamela J. Bettis, Nicole Ferry) (summary)
Schools as Reform Incubators (William T. Pink) (summary)

October 2015