Past Updates

May 2018

November 2017

Biopower and International Relations (Angélica Guerra-Barón)
Conflict Escalation (Richard Bösch)
Deterrence and Crisis Bargaining (Vesna Danilovic, Joe Clare), revised
Economics and Conflict (Gerald Schneider), revised
Electronic Commerce (Sarah Cleeland Knight, Catherine L. Mann), revised
Ethics of Peacebuilding (Reina C. Neufeldt)
Indigenous Rights in International Law (Cher Weixia Chen), revised
Intelligence and Terrorism (Erik J. Dahl, David Viola), revised
Interdependence in International Organization and Global Governance (Roger A. Coate, Jeffrey A. Griffin, Steven Elliott-Gower), revised
International Cooperation Theory and International Institutions (Xinyuan Dai, Duncan Snidal, Michael Sampson), revised
International Hierarchy (Alexander D. Barder), revised
International Organization and Health/Disease (Kelley Lee, Julia Smith), revised
International Society (Katarzyna Kaczmarska)
Issues in Data Collection: International Conflict (Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Kyle Beardsley, Sara M. T. Polo), revised
The Politics of Climate Change (Loren R. Cass), revised
The Third Debate and Post-Positivism (Thierry Balzacq, Stéphane J. Baele), revised
Transnational Actors (Markus Thiel, Jeffrey Maslanik), revised
Trust and International Organization (Kendall W. Stiles), revised
World Trade Law (Marc D. Froese), revised