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Recently Published

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February 2019

Chacón, Eusebio (Francisco A. Lomelí)
Luis Alfaro (Paul Allatson)
New Mexico Newspapers (Vanessa Fonseca-Chávez)
Publishing in South Africa (Elizabeth le Roux)
Seguín, Juan Nepomuceno (Jesús F. de la Teja)
Spanish Incunabula (Benito Rial Costas)
Tekhne (Ian James)
Williams, Tennessee (John A. Bertolini), revised

January 2019

Californio Testimonios (Rosaura Sánchez)
Race in Performance (Sean Metzger)
The Vietnam War in Film (Sylvia Shin Huey Chong)

November 2018

Hispanic Caribbean Sexiles (Consuelo Martinez-Reyes)

October 2018

Hmong American Literature and Culture (Aline Lo, Kong Pheng Pha)
Prose (Garrett Stewart)
Theater in America (Brenda Murphy), revised

September 2018

Asian American Graphic Narrative (Monica Chiu, Jeanette Roan)
Currents in Dominican American Literature (Nancy Kang, Silvio Torres-Saillant)
Dunbar, Paul Laurence (David L. Dudley), revised
Rita Indiana Hernández (Selma Feliciano-Arroyo)
The Contemporary Gothic (Xavier Aldana Reyes)

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