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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards Governance

Oxford Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards Governance

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards Governance clarifies our understanding of the processes and dynamics of this new, broad-based field. It addresses key theoretic gaps on natural hazards governance in general, and presents in an integrated fashion the status of natural hazards governance worldwide, both nationally and regionally. Focused on applications of governance practices in all variations of response to immediate and long-term threats, it also covers assessment of risk reduction, community resilience, capacity building, and planning. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science.


Associate Editors

Brian J. Gerber, Editor in Chief

Ann-Margaret Esnard, Georgia State University

Bruce Glavovic, Massey University

Christine Wamsler, Lund University

Obijiofor Aginam, United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health

Thomas A. Birkland, North Carolina State University

Timothy Sim, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Benjamin Wisner, Independent Advisor



Natural Hazards and their Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa (D. van Niekerk, Livhuwani David Nemakonde)
Natural Hazards Governance in Australia (John Minnery, Iraphne Childs)
Natural Hazards Governance in China (Timothy Sim, Jun Lei Yu)
Natural Hazards Governance in Cuba (Enrique A. Castellanos Abella, Benjamin Wisner)
Natural Hazards Governance in South Africa (D. van Niekerk, G.J. Wentink, L.B. Shoroma)
Natural Hazards Governance in South Asia (Mihir Bhatt, Kelsey Gleason, Ronak B. Patel)
Natural Hazards Governance in the Philippines (Kanako Iuchi, Yasuhito Jibiki, Renato Solidum Jr., Ramon Santiago)
Performance Assessment of Natural Hazards Governance (Warren S. Eller, Michael S. Pennington)
Public Administrators in Natural Hazards Governance (Scott E. Robinson, Warren S. Eller)
Resilient Cities (Abhilash Panda, Dilanthi Amaratunga)
Risk Governance of Limited-Notice or No-Notice Natural Hazards (Maria Papathoma-Köhle, Dale Dominey-Howes)
Social Capital and Natural Hazards Governance (Daniel P. Aldrich, Michelle A. Meyer, Courtney M. Page-Tan)