For Students

For Students


The OREs will enable advanced undergraduate and graduates students to cut through the noise: a collection of peer-reviewed research articles with the convenient accessibility of the open web.

Track new ORE of Neuroscience articles in the coming months, written by the world’s leading experts for the definitive word on core topics in the field. Articles are free for months after their publication—so bookmark the URL and check back for the latest content.

The Future of the OREs

  • Authoritative and Up To Date: ORE overview articles provide foundational knowledge for advanced students, and are peer-reviewed by editorial boards of internationally acclaimed experts, ensuring perspectives of the highest quality.
  • A Gateway for Seamless Research Journeys: Each article will feature in-text citation links, linked bibliographies, and connections to your college or university’s library holdings through Worldcat, Google Preview, and more.
  • Accessible and Discoverable: The OREs are freely available as articles are commissioned and sites grow to robust levels of scholarly content. Free content encourages Google crawling, meaning that the more the OREs expand, the more you'll see them at the top of your search results.
  • Visit for more information on forthcoming releases in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia Program.