Past Updates

Past Updates

June 2018

Extraterrestrial Resources (V.V. Shevchenko), summary
International Geopolitics and Space Regulation (Gianfranco Gabriele Nucera), summary
Space Security Law (P.J. Blount)
Tectonism of Mercury (Paul K. Byrne), summary
The Magnetosphere of Uranus (Xin Cao, Carol Paty), summary
Volcanism on Mercury (David A. Rothery)

May 2018

Jets in Planetary Atmospheres (Timothy E. Dowling), summary
Lunar and Planetary Geology (Alexander T. Basilevsky)
The Interiors of Jupiter and Saturn (Ravit Helled), summary
The Pluto-Charon System (Will Grundy), summary

April 2018

Petrology and Geochemistry of Mercury (Shoshana Z. Weider), summary
Planet Formation (Morris Podolak)
Vesta and Ceres (Kevin Righter), summary

March 2018

The Surface of Venus (M.A. Ivanov, J.W. Head)

February 2018

Atmospheric Circulation on Venus (Masaru Yamamoto), summary
Martian Ionospheric Observation and Modelling (Francisco González-Galindo), summary
Space and Planetary Resources (Angel Abbud-Madrid), summary

January 2018

Chemical Weathering on Venus (Mikhail Zolotov), summary
Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere (Anni Määttänen, Franck Montmessin), summary
The Outer Space Treaty (Christopher Daniel Johnson)

December 2017

Volcanism on Mercury (David A. Rothery), summary

November 2017

Venus in Mesoamerica (Ivan Šprajc), summary

September 2017

Planet Formation (Morris Podolak), summary

August 2017

Austrian National Space Law (Cordula Steinkogler), summary
Exoplanets: Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters (Dmitry V. Bisikalo, Pavel V. Kaygorodov, Valery I. Shematovich), summary
Hot Planetary Coronas (Valery I. Shematovich, Dmitry V. Bisikalo), summary
Space Law and China (Fabio Tronchetti), summary

July 2017

Evolution of the Martian Crust (John C. Bridges), summary
International Satellite Law (Frans von der Dunk), summary
Noble Gases (Mario Trieloff), summary
Registration of Space Objects (Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd), summary
Space Law and Weapons in Space (Sa'id Mosteshar), summary