Past Updates

August 2018

July 2018

HIV Ed: A Global Perspective (Ralph J. DiClemente, Nihari Patel)

June 2018

Health Policies and Systems in Latin America (Asa Cristina Laurell, Ligia Giovanella)

May 2018

Health in All Policies: Perspectives from the Region of the Americas (Kira Fortune, Francisco Becerra, Paulo Buss, Orielle Solar, Patricia Ribeiro, Gabriela E. Keahon)

April 2018

Migration and Obesity (Solveig A. Cunningham, Hadewijch Vandenheede)
Vaccine Hesitancy (Eve Dubé, Noni E. MacDonald)

March 2018

February 2018

Health Equity Metrics (Juan Garay, David Chiriboga, Nefer Kelley), summary
Violence and Health (Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo, Saul Franco)

January 2018

Impacts of Climate Change on Workers’ Health and Safety (Barry S. Levy, Cora Roelofs), summary
The People’s Health Movement (Ravi Narayan), summary

December 2017

HIV Ed: A Global Perspective (Ralph J. DiClemente, Nihari Patel), summary
Mental Health of Migrant Children (Saida M. Abdi), summary

November 2017

September 2017

Potential Environmental Health Threats From Fracking (Irena Gorski, Brian Schwartz), summary