MARC-21 Records

MARC21 records are available at the article level for all ESW articles. These MARC21 records are AARC2, SACO and NACO compliant.

We also offer a single overarching MARC record for ESW online Here.

You will require MARC record reader/loader software to add these .mrc files to your library system.

You can download MARC records for the complete ESW article collection, or by update:

Complete Collection
October 2014 Update
September 2014 Update
August 2014 Update
July 2014 Update
June 2014 Update
May 2014 Update
March 2014 Update
January 2014 Update
December 2013 Update
November 2013 Update
October 2013 Update
September 2013 Update
August 2013 Update
July 2013 Update
June 2013 Update