Past Updates

June 2018

Afrocentric Social Work (Colita Nichols Fairfax)
Logic Models (Craig Winston LeCroy)
Medicaid and Medicare (Victoria M. Rizzo, Rebekah Kukowski), revised
Oncology Social Work Research (Julianne S. Oktay, Bradley Zebrack)
U.S. Military Families (Judith Dekle)

May 2018

Kendall, Katherine A. (Lynne M. Healy)
Social Work and Coercion (Tomi Gomory, Daniel Dunleavy)
Trauma-Secondary, Vicarious, Compassion Fatigue (Ruth Gottfried, Brian E. Bride)
Youth Empowerment (Katie Richards-Schuster, Suzanne Pritzker, Amanda Rodriguez-Newhall)

April 2018

Working with Latino Immigrant Families in Schools (Eden Hernandez Robles, Crissy A. Johnson, Joel Hernandez Robles)

March 2018

Asset Building Toward Inclusive Policy (Michael Sherraden, Lissa Johnson, Margaret M. Clancy, Sondra G. Beverly, Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Mark Schreiner, William Elliot III, Trina R. Williams Shanks, Deborah Adams, Jami Curley, Huang Jin, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Nam Yunju, Min Zhan, Han Cha), revised
Ecological Framework (Alex Gitterman, Carel B. Germain, Carolyn Knight), revised

February 2018

Palliative Care (Terry Altilio, Dana Ribeiro), revised

January 2018

Embedded Foundations (Paula Allen-Meares)

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

Autism and Suicide (Oren Shtayermman)
Crossover Youth (Wendy Haight, Min Hae Cho)
Health Disparities (Valire Carr Copeland, Sandra Wexler)
Incest Survivors (Valandra, Jeni McIntyre)
Mixed Methods Research (Daphne C. Watkins)

September 2017

Aging: Overview (Nancy R. Hooyman, Amanda Barusch), revised

July 2017

Functional Behavioral Assessment (Michelle Alvarez, Kimberly Zammitt, Laura Strunk, Kevin Filter)
Interventions for Students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome (Michelle S. Ballan, Molly Burke Freyer, Lauren Powledge)
Social Enterprise (Rukshan Fernando)

June 2017

Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence (Larry W. Bennett, Oliver J. Williams)

May 2017

Community Healing and Reconciliation (Joshua Kirven, George Jacinto)

April 2017

Children: Health Care (Barbara L. Jones, Casey Walsh), revised
Political Social Work (Suzanne Pritzker, Shannon Lane), revised
Positive Emotion (Jessica M. Black)

March 2017

Ageism and Retirement (Lynn McDonald)
Collaborative Care (Ellen Fink-Samnick)
Drug Courts (Julie Schroeder, Bridgette Harris)
Economic Justice (Louise Simmons)
From Caregiving to Caresharing (Roberta R. Greene, Nancy P. Kropf)
HIV/AIDS in India (Shrivridhi Shukla, Sneha Jacob, Karun Singh)
Mentoring and Coaching (Fariyal Ross-Sheriff, Julie Orme)
Practice Cybernetics (J. Christopher Hall)
School Climate and School Social Work Practice (Aidyn Iachini, Ruth Berkowitz, Hadass Moore, Ronald Pitner, Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty)
School Safety, Victimization, and Bullying (Ronald Pitner, Hadass Moore, Gordon Capp, Aidyn Iachini, Ruth Berkowitz, Rami Benbenishty, Ron Avi Astor)
Students' Rights (Elizabeth Palley)
Virtual Communities of Practice (Mary Pender Greene)

February 2017

Adolescent Brain Development (Jessica M. Black)
Advance Care Planning (Meredith Stensland, Sara Sanders, Marla Berg-Weger)
End-of-Life Care Issues (Linda P. Darrell)
Financial Capability (Margaret Sherrard Sherraden)
Grief and Loss (Matthew Tvedte, Sara Sanders, Mercedes Espinal-Lujan)
Lobbying (Sunny Harris Rome, Sabrina Kiser)
Mental Health Research (Shaun M. Eack)
Sleep (Jessica M. Black)
Social Networks (Kirk A. Foster, Victoria A. Charles)
Worker Centers (Alice B. Gates)

January 2017

Alternative Education (Cynthia Franklin, Linda Webb, Hannah Szlyk)

December 2016

November 2016

Health Literacy (Vivian Jackson, Wendy Jones)

October 2016

Barrett, Janie Porter (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins), revised
Child Abuse and Neglect (Susan J. Wells, Geoff Johnson), revised

September 2016

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (B. Michelle Brazeal, Gordon MacNeil)

August 2016

Care Transitions, Patient Health, and System Performance in the United States (June Simmons, Sandy Atkins, Janice Lynch Schuster, Melissa Jones)
Children: Health Care (Barbara L. Jones), revised
Group Work with School-Aged Children (Craig Winston LeCroy, Jenny McCullough Cosgrove)
Home Health Care (Goldie Kadushin)
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (Sarah E. Bledsoe, Brianna M. Lombardi, Brittney Chesworth, Samuel Lawrence)
Progressive Social Work (Rosemary Barbera, Mary Bricker-Jenkins, Barbara Hunter Randall Joseph), revised
Public Health Social Work (Betty J. Ruth, Sarah Sisco, Jamie Wyatt Marshall), revised
Stigmatization and Labeling (Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Julie Guyot-Diangone)
Teen Pregnancy Prevention (Carol M. Lewis, Shanti Kulkarni)
White, Michael (Phylis J. Peterman)

July 2016

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (Elizabeth C. Pomeroy, Danielle Parrish, Angela M. Nonaka, Kathleen H. Anderson)

June 2016

Addictions: Gambling (Lia Nower, Kyle Caler)
Direct Social Work Practice (Joseph Walsh), revised

May 2016

Adult Safeguarding (Nigel Hall)
Evidence-Informed Social Work Practice (S. J. Dodd, Andrea Savage)
Knee, Ruth Irelan (Kenneth R. Wedel)

April 2016

Human Needs: Overview (Michael A. Dover), revised
International Social Work: Overview (Lynne M. Healy), revised
Narrative Therapy (J. Christopher Hall)

March 2016

Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents (Cynthia Franklin, Melissa Reeder)

February 2016

Kinship Care (Carole B. Cox)

January 2016

Solo Athumani Solo (Helmut Spitzer)
The Brief Therapies (Gilbert J. Greene), revised

December 2015

Liberation-Based Practice (Rhea Almeida, Diana Melendez, José Miguel Paez)

November 2015

October 2015

Social Work and Indigenous Peoples in Canada (Cyndy Baskin, Danielle Sinclair)

September 2015

Human Trafficking: Sex Trade (Kathleen Bergquist)

August 2015

Dumpson, James R. (Nancy Boyd Webb)
Racism (Selena T. Rodgers)
Welfare Rights (David Stoesz)

July 2015

Adolescent Populations: An Overview of Issues and Social Problems (Todd Michael Franke, Diane de Anda), revised
Education Policy (Melissa Jonson-Reid), revised
Native Americans: Overview (Hilary N. Weaver), revised
Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders (Concepcion Barrio, Mercedes Hernandez, Paula Helu Fernandez, Judith A. DeBonis)

June 2015

Farmaian, Sattareh Farman (Karen Smith Rotabi)
Saleebey, M. Dennis (Alice Lieberman)
Weick, Ann T. (Alice Lieberman)

May 2015

March 2015

Community Planning (Elisheva Sadan)
Global Health (Toba Schwaber Kerson, Jessica Euna Lee)
Intersectionality and Social Work (Ann Marie Yamada, Lisa Marie Werkmeister Rozas, Bronwyn Cross-Denny)
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Schools (Cynthia Franklin, Constanta Belciug)

February 2015

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Tonya Edmond, Karen Lawrence)
Global Gender Inequality (Melissa B. Littlefield, Denise McLane-Davison, Halaevalu F. O. Vakalahi)
Human Trafficking: Overview (Fariyal Ross-Sheriff, Julie Orme)
Islamophobia (Altaf Husain)

January 2015

Community Needs Assessment (Elizabeth A. Mulroy), revised
Guang, Lu (Yen Yi Huang, Andy Yung Hsing Kao)

December 2014

Affordable Care Act (Stephen H. Gorin, Julie S. Darnell, Heidi L. Allen)
Chang, Xiu-Qing (Yi-Shih Cheng)
Liao, Rong-li (Wan-I Lin)
Oral History and Social Work (Arlene Bowers Andrews)
Yeh, Chu-Sheng (Juei-king Lee)

November 2014

Discrimination (Kendra DeLoach McCutcheon)
Kadushin, Alfred (Naomi Farber)

October 2014

Baccalaureate Social Workers (Larry D. Williams, Blenda Crayton, Agha Erum Agha), revised
Transdisciplinary and Translational Research (Paula S. Nurius, Susan Kemp)

September 2014

Asian Americans: Filipinos (Paula T. Morelli, Alma Trinidad, Richard Alboroto)
Berg, Insoo Kim (Teri Pichot)
de Shazer, Steve (Teri Pichot)
Odum, Howard W. (Karen Smith Rotabi)

August 2014

Alcohol and Drug Problems: Prevention (Flavio F. Marsiglia, David Becerra, Jaime M. Booth), revised
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Addie Weaver, Joseph Himle, Gail Steketee, Jordana Muroff)
Female Genital Mutilation (Fariyal Ross-Sheriff, Evalyne Kerubo Orwenyo)
Food (In)Security (Maryah Stella Fram)
Human Needs: Health (Toba Schwaber Kerson), revised
Social Empathy (Elizabeth A. Segal)
Social Planning (Jon Simon Sager), revised

July 2014

Health Care: Overview (Colleen Galambos), revised
Slums and Affordable Housing (Bonnie Young Laing)

June 2014

Addictions: Tobacco (Mansoo Yu, Rachel Fischer), revised
Criminal Justice: Overview (Rudolph Alexander Jr.), revised
Disproportionality and Disparities (Rowena Fong, Ruth McRoy, Alan Dettlaff)
Grandparents (Priscilla Gibson, Valandra)
Prison Violence (Kristine Levan)
Social Policy in Canada (Micheal L. Shier, John R. Graham)
Social Policy: Overview (John M. Herrick), revised

May 2014

Demographics (Gunnar Almgren, Ji Young Kang), revised
Leadership and Leadership Development (James Woolever, Jim Kelly)
Posttraumatic Growth (Selena T. Rodgers)
School Violence (Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty, Joey Nuñez Estrada), revised
Social Work Education: Research (David E. Biegel, Susan Yoon), revised
Social Work Profession: Political Context (June Gary Hopps, Tony B. Lowe), revised

April 2014

Ageism in the Workplace (Patricia Brownell)
HIV/AIDS and People of Color (Michele Rountree, Courtney McElhaney Peebles)
International Aid, Relief, and Humanitarian Assistance (Carmen Mónico, Karen Smith Rotabi)
Mental Health Parity (Wayne Lindstrom)
Primary Health Care (Rebecca S. Ashery), revised
Primary Prevention (Martin Bloom), revised
Survivorship (Katherine Walsh)
Voter Participation (Frances Fox-Piven, Lorraine C. Minnite), revised

March 2014

Aging: Racial and Ethnic Groups (Daniel S. Gardner, Caroline Rosenthal Gelman), revised
Diabetes (Children and Adults) (Wendy Auslander, Elizabeth Budd)
Jeff, Morris F. X., Jr. (Joshua Kirven)
Women's Health (Vimla Nadkarni, Roopashri Sinha)

February 2014

Adoption: Lesbian and Gay Adoptive Parents (Abbie E. Goldberg, April Moyer)
Child and Adolescent Mental-Health Disorders (Susan Frauenholtz, Amy Mendenhall)
Consultation (Daniel Harkness), revised
Early Childhood Home Visiting (Melissa Lim Brodowski, Jacqueline Counts, Aislinn Conrad-Hiebner)
Financial Social Work (Reeta Wolfsohn, Dorlee Michaeli)
Human Trafficking: Exploiting Labor (Noël Busch-Armendariz, Maura Nsonwu, Laurie Cook Heffron, Neely Mahapatra)
Juvenile Justice: Overview (Rosemary C. Sarri), revised
Mankiller, Wilma (Danica Brown)
Multiethnic and Multiracialism (Gina Miranda Samuels)
Prison Social Work (Jason Matejkowski, Toni Johnson, Margaret E. Severson)
Sexual Harassment (Sondra J. Fogel), revised
Unemployment Insurance (Larry Nackerud), revised

January 2014

African Americans: Immigrants of African Origin (Fariyal Ross-Sheriff, Tamarah Moss-Knight), revised
African Americans: Overview (Larry E. Davis, John M. Wallace Jr., Trina R. Williams Shanks), revised
Child Labor (Usha Nayar, Priya Nayar, Nidhi Mishra)
Congregational Social Work (Gaynor Yancey, Diana R. Garland)
Davidson, George (Allan Moscovitch)
Deinstitutionalization (Steven P. Segal, Leah A. Jacobs), revised
Ecological Framework (Alex Gitterman, Carel B. Germain), revised
Intervention Research (Haluk Soydan), revised
Leadership, Foundations of (Darlyne Bailey, Katrina M. Uhly, Jessica Schaffner Wilen), revised
Life Span: Parenting (Daphne S. Cain, Terri Combs-Orme), revised
Professional Conduct (Ann A. Abbott), revised

December 2013

Adoption: Intercountry (Karen Smith Rotabi)
Aging: Overview (Nancy R. Hooyman), revised
Aquino, Maria Corazon (Gwendolyn D. Perry-Burney)
Capacity Development and Building (DeBrenna LaFa Agbényiga)
Chevannes, Alton Barrington (Gwendolyn D. Perry-Burney)
Children: Therapeutic Group Care (James K. Whittaker), revised
Community Organization (Jacqueline Mondros, Lee Staples), revised
Community-Based Participatory Research (Sung Sil L. Sohng), revised
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People (Martha A. Sheridan, Barbara J. White), revised
Disability: Psychiatric Disabilities (W. Patrick Sullivan), revised
Earned Income Tax Credit (Melinda Lewis, Sondra G. Beverly), revised
Estemirova, Natalya (Norma D. Thomas)
Havel, Vaclav (Norma D. Thomas)
Hospice (Mary Raymer, Dona J. Reese), revised
Hunger, Nutrition, and Food Programs (Kristine Siefert), revised
Juvenile Delinquency (Carolyn Smith), revised
Pain (Terry Altilio, Maris Pasquale Doran), revised
Supervision (Lawrence Shulman), revised

November 2013

American Social Security System (Eric R. Kingson, Dana Bell, Sarah Shive), revised
Capital Punishment (Sondra J. Fogel, M. Dwayne Smith, Beth Bjerregaard)
Chaos Theory and Complexity Theory (Keith Warren), revised
Community Economic Development (Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Lisa Reyes Mason), revised
Congressional Social Work Caucus (Charles E. Lewis Jr.)
Culture and Identity in Generic Social Work (Ramona W. Denby, Allison Bowmer)
Disparities and Inequalities (King Davis, Hyejin Jung), revised
Environment (Fred H. Besthorn), revised
Health Care Reform (Stephen H. Gorin, Terry Mizrahi), revised
Home-based Interventions (Susan F. Allen, Elizabeth M. Tracy), revised
Hooks, Benjamin (Brenda F. McGadney)
Housing (Tracy M. Soska), revised
Maternal and Child Health (Valire Carr Copeland, Daniel Hyung Jik Lee), revised
Men: Practice Interventions (Robert Blundo), revised
Mindfulness-Based Therapy (Edward R. Canda, Sherry Warren)
School Climate (Laura M. Hopson)
School Social Work (Paula Allen-Meares), revised
Social Work in Cuba (David L. Strug)
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Catherine K. Lawrence), revised
Trauma-Informed Care (Charles Wilson, Donna M. Pence, Lisa Conradi)
Victim Services (Karen S. Knox), revised
Whitton, Charlotte (Allan Moscovitch)

October 2013

Action Research (David P. Moxley)
Child Welfare: Overview (Peter J. Pecora), revised
Community: Practice Interventions (Dorothy N. Gamble, Marie Weil), revised
Comorbidity (Diana M. DiNitto), revised
Displaced People (Eileen A. Dombo, Frederick L. Ahearn), revised
Eating Disorders (Elizabeth C. Pomeroy, Polly Y. Browning), revised
Empowerment Practice (Ruth J. Parsons, Jean East), revised
Family Caregiving (Sandra Owens, Letha A. Chadiha), revised
Family: Practice Interventions (Mikal N. Rasheed, Janice Matthews Rasheed), revised
Foster Care (Joyce E. Everett), revised
Freire, Paulo (Edna Comer)
Human–Other Animal Bond (Christina Risley-Curtiss), revised
Jennison, Mary Irick (Therese Jennissen)
Kelso, John Joseph (Allan Moscovitch)
Latinos and Latinas: Mexicans (Herman Curiel), revised
Life Span: Oldest-Old and Advanced Old Age (Judith G. Gonyea), revised
Macro Practice Competencies (Dorothy N. Gamble, Tracy M. Soska)
Meta-Analysis (Julia H. Littell), revised
Multiculturalism (Eun-Kyoung Othelia Lee, Ruth McRoy), revised
National Association of Social Workers (Elizabeth J. Clark), revised
Outcome Measures in Human Services (Jennifer L. Magnabosco)
Play Therapy (Nancy Boyd Webb)
Research: Overview (Tony Tripodi, Marina Lalayants), revised
Self-Help Groups and Organizations (Steven P. Segal), revised
Social Exclusion and Inclusion (Karen Lyons, Nathalie Huegler)
Social Work Education: Electronic Technologies (Philip M. Ouellette, David Wilkerson), revised
Social Work Profession: Workforce (Toby Weismiller, Tracy Whitaker), revised
Taylor, Billy (Phylis J. Peterman)
Teams (Julie Abramson, Laura R. Bronstein), revised
Trauma (Nancy J. Smyth), revised
Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Susan A. Green, Doyle K. Pruitt)
Voluntarism (Dennis L. Poole), revised

September 2013

Aging: Services (Nancy Morrow-Howell, Leslie Hasche), revised
Assessment (Catheleen Jordan, Cynthia Franklin), revised
Brown, W. Gertrude (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Bullying in Youth (Jonathan Singer, Karen Slovak)
Cassidy, Harry Morris (Rosalie Blair)
Charitable Foundations (Helmut K. Anheier, Marcus Lam), revised
Christian Social Services (Diana R. Garland), revised
Chronic Illness (Patricia A. Fennell, Sara Rieder Bennett), revised
Chunn, Jay Carrington, II (Tanya Smith Brice)
Codes of Ethics (Elaine Congress), revised
Collaborative Practice (Hal A. Lawson), revised
Cultural Competence (Terry L. Cross), revised
Elder Abuse (Eloise Rathbone-McCuan), revised
Ethics and Values (Frederic G. Reamer), revised
Ethics in Research (Jeane W. Anastas), revised
Family Estrangement (Kylie Agllias)
Family Life Education (Mary Beth Harris), revised
Family Preservation and Home-Based Services (Elizabeth M. Tracy, Trista D. Piccola), revised
Family: Overview (Sadye L. M. Logan), revised
Fundraising in Human Service Nonprofits (Kirsten A. Grønbjerg), revised
Generalist and Advanced Generalist Practice (Virginia Rondero Hernandez), revised
Gestalt Therapy (Clayton T. Shorkey, Michael Uebel), revised
Height, Dorothy I. (Sunny Sinha)
Human Sexuality (Laina Y. Bay-Cheng), revised
Incarcerated Women (Patricia O’Brien)
Individual Practice with Undocumented Immigrants (Flavio F. Marsiglia, Jaime M. Booth, Adrienne Baldwin)
Interviewing (Peter De Jong), revised
Lesbians: Practice Interventions (Deana F. Morrow), revised
Licensing (Amanda Duffy Randall, Donna DeAngelis), revised
Life Span: Childhood/School Age (Heather Larkin), revised
Macro Social Work Practice (Florence Ellen Netting), revised
Marriage and Domestic Partnership (Elaine M. Maccio), revised
Martin, Elmer P. (Priscilla Gibson)
Media Campaigns (Gail Woods-Waller), revised
Mental Health Courts (Matthew Epperson, Julian Thompson, Kelli E. Canada)
Micro Aggressions (Laurens G. Van Sluytman)
Motivational Interviewing (Eric F. Wagner), revised
Narratives (Patricia Kelley), revised
Occupational Social Work (Paul A. Kurzman), revised
Oncology Social Work (Marie M. Lauria), revised
Oppression (Dorothy Van Soest), revised
Philanthropy (Jerry D. Marx), revised
Political Process (James S. Mickelson), revised
Poverty (Mark R. Rank), revised
Privatization (Andrew Dobelstein), revised
Professional Impairment (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins), revised
Program Evaluation (Richard M. Grinnell Jr., Yvonne A. Unrau, Peter Gabor), revised
Psychoanalysis (Elizabeth Ann Danto), revised
Psychotropic Medications and Contemporary Social Work (Kia J. Bentley, Christopher P. Kogut), revised
Rehabilitation (David W. Springer, Kathleen A. Casey), revised
Resilience (Roberta R. Greene), revised
Sanders, Daniel (Gloria Hegge)
Scales and Indices (Kevin Corcoran), revised
Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (Mike Fabricant, Robert Fisher), revised
Sexual Assault (Judy L. Postmus), revised
Social Movements (Michael Reisch), revised
Social Problems (Sandra K. Danziger, Karen M. Staller), revised
Social Work Profession: History (Paul H. Stuart), revised
Strategic Planning (John A. Yankey, Vera Vogelsang-Coombs), revised
Strengths-Based Framework (Robert Blundo), revised
Stress Effects on Health (Paula S. Nurius, Charles P. Hoy-Ellis)
Supplemental Security Income (Shawn A. Cassiman, Sandy Magaña), revised
Survey Research (Allen Rubin), revised
Systematic Reviews (Julia H. Littell)
Task-Centered Practice (Michael S. Kelly), revised
The NASW Code of Ethics (Frederic G. Reamer), revised
Torture (S. Megan Berthold)
Unions (Howard Karger), revised

August 2013

Agency-Based Research (Irwin Epstein, Stephen A. Kapp), revised
Bioethics (Larry W. Foster), revised
Cognition and Social Cognitive Theory (Paula S. Nurius), revised
Council on Social Work Education (Julia M. Watkins, Jessica Holmes), revised
Crime and Criminal Behavior (Margaret E. Severson), revised
Family Therapy (Cynthia Franklin, Laura M. Hopson), revised
Human Needs: Religion and Spirituality (Edward R. Canda), revised
Immigration Policy (Uma A. Segal), revised
Lévi-Strauss, Claude (Carole Zugazaga)
Restorative Justice (Katherine van Wormer), revised
Runaway and Homeless Youths (Sanna J. Thompson)
Rural Practice (Judith A. Davenport, Joseph Davenport, III), revised
Sand, Rene (Gloria Hegge)
Sendler, Irena (Gloria Hegge)
Weisman, Celia B. (Sheldon R. Gelman)

July 2013

Alexandraki, Litsa (Rosalie Blair)
Böszörményi-Nagy, Ivan (Carole Zugazaga)
Children's Health (Shirley Gatenio Gabel)
Chisholm, Shirley (Tanya Smith Brice)
Clark, Septima Poinsette (Brenda K. J. Crawley)
Courtney, Catherine (Carole Zugazaga)
Farley, Rawle (Phylis J. Peterman)
Jenkins, Esau (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Maathai, Wangari M. (Sunny Sinha)
Marsh, Leonard Charles (Allan Moscovitch)
McGowan-Kelly, Eileen (Brenda K. J. Crawley)
McMurray, Georgia L. (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Nelson, Kristine E. (Katharine Cahn, Nocona Pewewardy)
Newman, Isaiah DeQuincey (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Otis, Jack (Joshua Kirven)
Parks, Rosa (Brenda F. McGadney)
Quaranta, Mary Ann (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Roberts, Albert R. (Priscilla Gibson)
Sustainable Development (Dorothy N. Gamble)
Suzman, Helen (Sunny Sinha)
Touzel, Bessie (Marjorie Johnstone)

June 2013

Abbott, Edith (Jean K. Quam)
Abbott, Grace (Jean K. Quam)
Abernathy, Ralph David (Lou M. Beasley)
Abortion (D. Lynn Jackson)
Adams, Frankie Victoria (Lou M. Beasley)
Addams, Jane (Jean K. Quam)
Adolescents: Pregnancy (Kathleen A. Rounds, Traci L. Wike)
Adoption: Overview (Richard P. Barth)
Adult Day Care (Namkee G. Choi)
Adult Protective Services (Patricia Brownell, Joanne Marlatt Otto)
Adults: Group Care (Sheryl Zimmerman)
Adults: Overview (Ski Hunter)
Advocacy (Robert L. Schneider, Lori Lester, Julia Ochieng)
Aging: Public Policy (Jeanette C. Takamura)
Alaska Natives (Sarah (Hicks) Kastelic)
Alcohol and Drug Problems: Overview (Shulamith Lala Ashenberg Straussner, Richard Isralowitz)
Alcohol and Drug Problems: Practice Interventions (Maryann Amodeo, Luz Marilis López)
Altmeyer, Arthur J. (Jean K. Quam)
Anderson, Delwin M. (Kenneth S. Carpenter)
Arab Americans (Kristine J. Ajrouch)
Asian Americans: Overview (Pallassana R. Balgopal)
Asset Building (Michael Sherraden)
Baldwin, Roger Nash (Paul H. Stuart)
Bartlett, Harriett M. (Beatrice N. Saunders)
Bechill, William D. (Paul H. Ephross)
Beck, Bertram (Kenneth S. Carpenter)
Behavioral Theory (**UNASSIGNED**)
Bereavement Practice (Mary Sormanti)
Berry, Margaret (Kenneth S. Carpenter)
Best Practices (Edward J. Mullen, Jennifer L. Bellamy, Sarah E. Bledsoe)
Bethune, Mary McLeod (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Bisexuality (Laura S. Abrams)
Blackey, Eileen (Margaret Daniel)
Blindness and Visual Impairment (Adrienne Asch, Nancy R. Mudrick)
Bogardus, Emory (Frances Feldman, Haluk Soydan)
Brager, George (Stephen Holloway)
Briar, Scott (Jennifer Briar-Bonpane, Katharine Briar-Lawson)
Bruno, Frank John (Jean K. Quam)
Buell, Bradley (Jean K. Quam)
Burns, Eveline Mabel (John F. Longres)
Cannon, Ida Maud (Jean K. Quam)
Caribbean Americans (Marcia Bayne-Smith, Annette M. Mahoney)
Carlton, Thomas Owen (Hans S. Falck)
Carter, Genevieve (Haluk Soydan, Frances Feldman)
Case Management (Maria Roberts-DeGennaro)
Cassidy, Helen (Ronald Marks)
Chavez, Cesar (Juan Paz)
Child Care Services (Laura Lein)
Child Support (Delanie P. Pope, Joseph Kozakiewicz)
Children: Health Care (Barbara L. Jones)
Children: Overview (Dorinda N. Noble)
Children: Practice Interventions (Anthony N. Maluccio)
Children's Rights (Karen M. Staller)
Citizen Participation (Donna Hardina)
Civic Engagement (Amanda Moore McBride)
Civil Liberties (Theodore J. Stein)
Civil Rights (William L. Pollard)
Civil Society (Kristin M. Ferguson)
Client Violence (Christina E. Newhill)
Clinical Social Work (Darlene Grant)
Cloward, Richard (Alex Gitterman)
Cognitive Therapy (Joseph Walsh)
Cohen, Wilbur (Roland L. Guyotte)
Community Building (Sharon E. Milligan)
Community Development (Alice K. Johnson Butterfield, Benson Chisanga)
Community Violence (Neil B. Guterman, Muhammad Haj-Yahia)
Community: Overview (Calvin L. Streeter)
Confidentiality and Privileged Communication (Carolyn I. Polowy, Sherri Morgan)
Conflict Resolution (Bernard Mayer)
Consumer Rights (Donald M. Linhorst)
Continuing Education (Kimberly Strom-Gottfried)
Contracting Out of Social Services (Hillel Schmid, Yeheskel “Zeke” Hasenfeld)
Couples (Susan C. Harnden)
Crisis Interventions (Albert R. Roberts)
Cultural Competency in Mental-Health Services (Jun Sung Hong, Wynne Sandra Korr)
Cultural Institutions and the Arts (Lorraine Gutiérrez, Mark Creekmore)
Davis, Liane V. (Ann Weick)
Day, Dorothy (Jean K. Quam)
Disability: Neurocognitive Disabilities (Lisa S. Patchner, Kevin L. DeWeaver)
Disability: Overview (Romel W. Mackelprang)
Disasters (David F. Gillespie)
Divorce (Karen Kayser, Jessica K. M. Johnson)
Dix, Dorothea Lynde (Jean K. Quam)
Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Dual Degree Programs (Srinika Jayaratne)
Dunham, Arthur (Jean K. Quam)
Dybwad, Rosemary Ferguson (Constance W. Williams)
Economics and Social Welfare (Michael Anthony Lewis)
Egypt, Ophelia Settle (Carrie J. Smith)
Eliot, Martha May (Jean K. Quam)
Employee Assistance Programs (Sheila H. Akabas)
Employment and Unemployment (Michelle Livermore)
End-of-Life Decisions (Ellen L. Csikai)
Environmental Justice (Mary E. Rogge)
Epistemology (Allan Hugh Cole Jr.)
Epstein, Abraham (Maryann Syers)
Epstein, Laura (Jeanne C. Marsh)
Evidence-Based Practice (Jeffrey M. Jenson, Matthew O. Howard)
Faith-Based Agencies and Social Work (Stephanie Clintonia Boddie)
Family Services (Katharine Briar-Lawson, Toni Naccarato)
Fernandis, Sarah A. Collins (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Fizdale, Ruth (Linda Beebe)
Flexner, Abraham (Maryann Syers)
Folks, Homer (Sara Harmon)
Follett, Mary Parker (Maryann Syers)
Forensic Social Work (Sunny Harris Rome)
Frankel, Lee Kaufer (Maryann Syers)
Frazier, Edward Franklin (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Galarza, Ernesto (Juan Ramos)
Gallaudet, Thomas (Maryann Syers)
Gay Men: Overview (James I. Martin)
Gay Men: Practice Interventions (Robert L. Miller Jr.)
Genetics (Joan O. Weiss)
Gibelman, Margaret (Miriam Dinerman, Kim Lorber, Adele Weiner)
Ginsberg, Mitchell I. (Bertram M. Beck)
Globalization (Shanti K. Khinduka)
Gottlieb, Naomi R. (Nancy R. Hooyman)
Group Dynamics (Mark J. Macgowan)
Group Work (Ronald W. Toseland, Heather Horton)
Groups (Charles D. Garvin, Maeda J. Galinsky)
Gurin, Arnold (Philip Bernstein)
Gurin, Helen (Philip Bernstein)
Haitian Americans (Flore Zéphir)
Hale, Clara (Yvonne Asamoah)
Hall, Helen (Edith Olmsted)
Hamilton, Gordon (John F. Longres)
Harm Reduction (Diane Rae Davis)
Hate Crimes (Nancy A. Humphreys, Shannon R. Lane)
Haynes, Elizabeth Ross (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Haynes, George Edmund (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Health Care Financing (Candyce S. Berger)
Health Care Social Work (Shirley Otis-Green)
Hearn, Gordon (John F. Longres)
Historiography (Leslie Leighninger)
HIV/AIDS: Children (Larry D. Icard, Jacqueline J. Lloyd, Gisoo Barnes)
HIV/AIDS: Overview (Peter A. Newman)
HIV/AIDS: Practice Interventions (Kosta N. Kalogerogiannis, Richard Hibbert, Lydia M. Franco, Taiwanna Messam, Mary M. McKay)
Hoey, Jane M. (Larraine M. Edwards)
Homelessness (Yin-Ling Irene Wong)
Hopkins, Harry Lloyd (John F. Longres)
Howard, Donald S. (Maryann Syers)
Howard, Oliver Otis (Ira C. Colby)
Howe, Samuel Gridley (Larraine M. Edwards)
Huantes, Margarita R. (Santos H. Hernández)
Hudson, Walter W. (Paula S. Nurius)
Human Needs: Family (Ruth Paris, Ellen R. DeVoe)
Human Rights (Joseph M. Wronka)
Humanistic Therapies (Jessica Grogan, Frank C. Richardson)
Income Security (Martha N. Ozawa)
Interdisciplinarity (David P. Moxley)
International Social Work: Education (M. C. Terry Hokenstad)
Intimate Partner Violence (Bonnie E. Carlson)
Jarrett, Mary Cromwell (Larraine M. Edwards)
Jewish Communal Services (Sheldon R. Gelman, Saul Andron, David J. Schnall)
Johnson, Campbell Carrington (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Jones, Mary Harris “Mother” (Joanne "Rocky" Delaplaine)
Keith-Lucas, Alan (Daniel Lebold)
Kelley, Florence (Larraine M. Edwards)
Kellogg, Paul Underwood (Larraine M. Edwards)
Kenworthy, Marion Edwena (Rebecca L. Sperling)
King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Iris Carlton-LaNey)
Kingsbury, Susan Myra (Mollie T. Marchione)
Kitano, Harry H. L. (Jeanne M. Giovannoni)
Konopka, Gisela (James R. Reinardy)
Kuralt, Wallace H., Sr. (Elizabeth A. S. Benefield)
Lassalle, Beatriz (John F. Longres)
Lathrop, Julia Clifford (Larraine M. Edwards)
Latinos and Latinas: Cubans (Maria Vidal de Haymes)
Latinos and Latinas: Overview (John F. Longres, Eugene Aisenberg)
Leashore, Bogart (Willie Tolliver)
Lee, Porter Raymond (Larraine M. Edwards)
Legal System (Robert G. Madden)
Lesbians: Overview (Lori Messinger, Jennifer Wheeler Brooks)
Levy, Charles Samuel (Sheldon R. Gelman)
Lewis, Harold (Michael Reisch)
Life Span: Early Childhood and Preschool (Donna Harrington, Karen Castellanos-Brown)
Life Span: Overview (Lani V. Jones)
Life Span: Young Adulthood (David B. Miller, Sean Joe)
Lindsay, Inabel Burns (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Lodge, Richard (Maryann Syers)
Loeb, Martin B. (Mona Wasow)
Long-Term Care (Rosalie A. Kane)
Love, Maria Maltby (Renee Bowman Daniel, Karen Berner Little)
Lowell, Josephine Shaw (Larraine M. Edwards)
Lowy, Louis (Leonard Bloksberg)
Lurie, Harry Lawrence (Larraine M. Edwards)
Mahaffey, Maryann (Gary Mathews)
Managed Care (Vikki L. Vandiver)
Management: Financial (Roger A. Lohmann, Nancy Lohmann)
Management: Human Resources (Michàlle E. Mor Barak, Dnika Jones Travis)
Management: Overview (Rino J. Patti)
Management: Volunteers (Eleanor L. Brilliant)
Marin, Rosa C. (Victor L. Garcia Toro)
Marshall, Thurgood (Karen D. Stout)
Matthews, Victoria Earle (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Mayo, Leonard Withington (Alvin L. Schorr)
Medicaid and Medicare (Victoria M. Rizzo)
Medical Illness (Charles L. Robbins)
Men: Overview (Jordan I. Kosberg, James P. “Ike” Adams Jr.)
Mental Health: Overview (Catherine G. Greeno)
Mental Illness: Adults (**UNASSIGNED**)
Mental Illness: Children (Marlys Staudt)
Mental Illness: Service System (Lonnie R. Snowden)
Meyer, Carol H. (Ann Hartman)
Migrant Workers (Richard Wolff, Karen Dodge)
Military Social Work (Jesse J. Harris, Col. USA Ret., Kyle L. Pehrson, Col. USA Ret.)
Miller, Samuel O. (Ronald A. Feldman)
Minahan, Anne (Mel Morgenbesser)
Morris, Robert (Edith Olmsted)
Muslim Social Services (Pamela Aneesah Nadir)
Mutual Aid Societies (Santos H. Hernández)
Naparstek, Arthur J. (Darlyne Bailey)
Newstetter, Wilber I. (Larraine M. Edwards)
Northen, Helen (Robert Carter Arnold)
Organizational Learning (Yekutiel Sabah, Patty Cook-Craig)
Palliative Care (Betty J. Kramer)
Peace (Charles D. Cowger)
Perkins, Frances (Jean K. Quam)
Perlman, Helen Harris (Kenneth S. Carpenter)
Pernell, Ruby B. (Darlyne Bailey)
Person-in-Environment (Mary Ellen Kondrat)
Police Social Work (George T. Patterson)
Policy Practice (Demetrius S. Iatridis)
Pray, Kenneth (Larraine M. Edwards)
Privilege (Cheryl L. Franks, Marion Riedel)
Probation and Parole (Jeffrey A. Butts)
Prostitution (Adele Weiner)
Psychodrama (Jacob Gershoni)
Psychoeducation (Joseph Walsh)
Psychometrics (Bill Nugent)
Psychosocial Framework (Eda G. Goldstein)
Qualitative Research (Deborah K. Padgett)
Quality of Care (Enola Proctor, J. Curtis McMillen)
Quantitative Research (Shenyang Guo)
Rankin, Jeannette (Paul H. Stuart)
Rapoport, Lydia (Maryann Syers)
Recording (Jill Doner Kagle)
Reichert, Kurt and Betty (Kenneth S. Carpenter)
Reid, Bill (Robert Carter Arnold)
Reproductive Health (Marjorie R. Sable, Patricia J. Kelly)
Research: History of Research (Joan Levy Zlotnik)
Retirement (Philip McCallion, Lisa A. Ferretti)
Richmond, Mary Ellen (John F. Longres)
Riis, Jacob August (Larraine M. Edwards)
Ripple, Lillian (Katherine A. Kendall)
Robinson, Virginia Pollard (Mark Frazier Lloyd)
Robison, Sophie Moses (Larraine M. Edwards)
Roosevelt, Eleanor (Fred Newdom)
Rothenberg, Elaine Zipes (Florence Z. Segal)
Rothman, Beulah (Linda Adler)
Rubinow, Isaac Max (Larraine M. Edwards)
Rush, Benjamin (Larraine M. Edwards)
Salomon, Alice (Lynne M. Healy)
Samora, Julian (Juliette Silva)
Satir, Virginia (Michele Baldwin, Froma Walsh)
Saunders, Cicely (Shirley Otis-Green)
Schwartz, William (Maryann Syers)
Scott, Carl A. (Dorothy M. Pearson)
Shyne, Ann Wentworth (Edmund Sherman, William J. Reid)
Sieder, Violet M. (David G. Gil)
Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury (Larraine M. Edwards)
Single Parents (Virginia C. Strand)
Single-System Designs (Joel Fischer, John G. Orme)
Smith, Zilpha Drew (Larraine M. Edwards)
Snyder, Mitchell “Mitch” (Frederick A. DiBlasio, John R. Belcher)
Social Capital (Silvia Domínguez)
Social Development (Mizanur R. Miah)
Social Impact Assessment (Paula T. Morelli, Jon Kei Matsuoka)
Social Justice (Janet L. Finn, Maxine Jacobson)
Social Services (Philip R. Popple)
Specht, Harry (Neil Gilbert)
Spellman, Dorothea C. (Maryann Syers)
Starr, Ellen Gates (Susan Donner)
Strengths Perspective (Johnny S. Kim)
Suicide (Stacey Freedenthal)
Switzer, Mary Elizabeth (Larraine M. Edwards)
Taft, Julia Jessie (Larraine M. Edwards)
Taylor, Graham (Larraine M. Edwards)
Technology Transfer (Pranab Chatterjee, Heehyul Moon, Derrick Kranke)
Technology: Overview (Dick Schoech)
Terminal Illness (Grace Christ)
Termination (Michelle S. Ballan, Maria S. Mera)
Terrell, Mary Eliza Church (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Terrorism (Norma Kolko Phillips)
Thomas, Jesse O. (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Titmuss, Richard Morris (Maryann Syers)
Towle, Charlotte (John F. Longres)
Transgender People (M. J. Gilbert)
Truth, Sojourner (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Tubman, Harriet (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Urban Practice (Melvin Delgado)
Van Kleeck, Mary Ann (Lynne M. Healy)
Vasey, Wayne (Ludwig L. Geismar)
Veteran Services (Jill E. Manske)
Vigilante, Joseph (Michael Reisch)
Vinter, Robert (Kenneth S. Carpenter)
Violence (Sheara A. Williams)
Vocational Services (Lauren B. Gates)
Wald, Lillian (Larraine M. Edwards)
Washington, Booker Taliaferro (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Washington, Forrester Blanchard (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Weiner, Hyman J. (Alex Gitterman)
Wells-Barnett, Ida Bell (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
White Ethnic Groups (Kathryn P. Alessandria)
White, Eartha Mary Magdalene (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Wickenden, Elizabeth (Eric R. Kingson)
Wiley, George (Jean K. Quam)
Wilkins, Roy (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Williams, Anita Rose (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Witte, Ernest Frederic (John F. Longres)
Wittman, Milton (Ruth Irelan Knee)
Women: Health Care (Marian A. Aguilar)
Women: Overview (Ruth A. Brandwein)
Women: Practice Interventions (Josefina Figueira-McDonough)
Workers' Compensation (Paul Terrell)
Young, Whitney Moore, Jr. (Wilma Peebles-Wilkins)
Youth at Risk (Deborah Bass-Rubenstein)
Youth Services (Elizabeth T. Gershoff)