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Women and the History of Religion in Africa

"Within these overlapping indigenous religious cosmologies, feminine images of the divine abound, in the form of creator deities, nature spirits, and ancestors. Sometimes female and male deities exist autonomously within a larger pantheon and at other times they are conceived relationally either as romantic lovers, foils of one another, or complementary forms of the same essence. ..." – By Erin Nourse

Transport in Tanzania

"These precolonial trade networks were unconstrained by the artificial borders that colonial administrations would create in the late 19th century, and thus flowed across modern-day Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Mozambique, and the Congo. Wajiji boatmen and Wanyamwezi porters in western and central Tanzania served as vital middlemen linking local and regional trade networks in Central-East Africa that centered on the exchange of staples, such as dried fish, salt, palm oils, copper, and iron. ..." – by Katie Valliere Streit

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