Word from Oxford

We are thrilled to present this new project at Oxford University Press. Together with Editor in Chief Jane Dailey and the Editorial Board, we are working to shape the content of the project, invite authors to contribute, and edit articles.

Oxford University Press publishes some of the best current work in American history, both in book and journal format, and we are excited to launch this new project which will bring you the highest quality reference material available in the field. The ORE will provide students and scholars with vetted, reliable, historiographically-informed, and regularly updated online reference material in all areas of American history. In the coming years, we hope that this will become the go-to resource for historians and students of American history.

Please watch this space over the coming months for updates as our project grows. And please consider getting involved. Contributing to the ORE of American History is a rare opportunity: your contribution will potentially become THE explanatory article on your topic. You will have the opportunity to revise and update the article whenever you want during the remainder of your career. Your article will serve as the foundational source of information and a jumping-off point for deeper research; it will also be an essential resource for historians who may need to familiarize themselves with the literature and sources in fields outside of their immediate sub-specialties. We look forward to hearing from you!


The OUP Editorial Team