Letter from the Editor

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) of Business and Management publishes peer-reviewed online articles that present cutting-edge thinking on essential business and management topics. Such knowledge is especially important in today’s uncertain world: With challenges spanning political, economic, sociocultural, technological, ecological, and legal elements, scholars and practitioners alike face ever-changing decisions that require them to draw on all available knowledge bases. The ORE of Business and Management provides this resource through contributions by leading thinkers in fields spanning business policy and strategy, entrepreneurship, human resource management, organizational behavior, organization theory, research methods, social issues, and technology and innovation management, to name a few.

The ORE of Business and Management features distinctive articles that extend beyond typical surveys and literature reviews. ORE articles distill current understanding of the “known knowns” about a topic, theory, or method and then leverage a key contributor’s in-depth expertise. ORE authors have the autonomy and discretion to clarify conceptual ambiguities, link concepts to constructs to promote operationalization, unravel ambiguities and contradictions, develop broader conceptual models that identify heretofore unconsidered mediators and moderating conditions, and specify avenues for further debate and study. Collectively, ORE articles inform readers of the current state of the field and provide them with a roadmap of the “known unknowns” to continue to push understanding forward.

The ORE of Business and Management also offers its readers several timely features. Former editor Michael Hitt notes that “The ORE is an integrated, comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible reference tool for researchers, students, and professionals needing trusted information and insight. A living resource, the ORE continuously provides new knowledge about an expanding number of critical topics. It contains broad and interpretative essays, all connected via hyperlinks, keywords, and other search options, helping readers build bridges by identifying related articles. This enables researchers to delve deeply into a specific subject and also learn about related topics, thus expanding their knowledge and professional insight.”

Overall, the ORE of Business and Management occupies a unique position in the knowledge dissemination arena. It is international, adaptive, and integrates current understanding with a forward-looking orientation. Students, new and established scholars, and practitioners can all contribute to and learn from the ORE. We invite all stakeholders interested in knowledge creation, dissemination, and application to join us!


Donald D. Bergh