Letter from the Editor

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) of Business and Management is a distinctive enterprise that will both reflect and serve the business and management community. The field of business and management is vibrant, varied, and vital, and these attributes describe the ORE as well. It is akin to a start-up, with all the excitement that entails, undertaken by a publisher with a global reputation for publishing authoritative scholarship.

The ORE will reflect and stimulate research by scholars, students, and practitioners. Like the study of business and management, it will draw on numerous disciplines and examines processes both within organizations and between them and their environments, broadly defined. It is guided by the recognition the business and management discipline faces, and must respond to, unprecedented challenges and possibilities characterized by increasing complexity, uncertainty, and volatility. Researchers and students of business and management encounter an explosion of information from a range of sources due to the information revolution, the globalization of business and education, and the expansion of influential stakeholders with multiple and often conflicting demands. Competition and volatility have increased dramatically, thereby increasing the importance of reliable resources like the ORE of Business and Management.

What makes the ORE of Business and Management so helpful is that it will provide an integrated, comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible reference headquarters that is the first stop and jumping off point for researchers, students, and professionals needing trusted information and insight to the breadth and depth of the subject. Even though time horizons have collapsed and the short-term is often the focus, the ORE is inherently a long-term venture. It is an ever evolving project that follows an online continuous-publishing model that will over time map the field. It contains broad and interpretative essays; all linked together, helping readers build bridges by connecting articles through keywords, related articles, flexible search and browse options, and hyperlinked citations. This enables researchers to move vertically, digging deeper into a topic, and horizontally, from one topic to others. Whether a student beginning research, a researcher deepening their understanding of cognate areas, or a professor developing a reading list or preparing for a lecture, the ORE of Business and Management will offer a reliable source of information and insight.

The ORE thus dynamically reflects the changing environment, because it too is global, interdependent, vigilant, flexible, and forward thinking. The editors recognize that there is a vast array of ideas, theories, research findings, prescriptions, and proscriptions. They believe that because the ORE is born digital, it offers the opportunity for multiple perspectives on important topics, a contrast to print based resources that have one “definitive” statement on a topic. As the ORE develops and grows, it will provide a rich, comprehensive exploration of business and management, offering clarity and reasoned guidance while avoiding simplistic prescriptions that ignore complexities, uncertainties, and controversies.  It will be organic and responsive.

Ramon (Ray) Aldag
Editor-in-Chief, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management