Past Updates


May 2022

Frugal Innovation: Context, Theory, and Practice (Lukas Neumann, Oliver Gassmann)
Innovation in Family Business (Alfredo De Massis, Emanuela Rondi, Samuel Wayne Appleton)

April 2022

Innovation Indicators (Fred Gault, Luc Soete)

March 2022

Employee Voice: Meanings, Approaches, and Research Directions (Edoardo Della Torre, Alessia Gritti, Adrian Wilkinson)
Experiments in Organization and Management Research (Alex Bitektine, Jeff Lucas, Oliver Schilke, Brad Aeon)
Social Network Analysis in Organizations (Jessica R. Methot, Nazifa Zaman, Hanbo Shim)

February 2022

From Decision Support to Analytics (Ciara Heavin, Frederic Adam)

January 2022

Entrepreneur Coachability (Matthew R. Marvel)
Organizational Neuroscience (Sebastiano Massaro, Dorotea Baljević)
The Kaleidoscope Career Model (Sherry E. Sullivan, Shawn M. Carraher)

December 2021

Corporate Restructuring (Wayne F. Cascio)
Global Strategy and Multinational Corporation Capabilities (Donald R. Lessard, D. Eleanor Westney)
Risk in Strategic Management (George M. Puia, Mark D. Potts)
Work Design in the Contemporary Era (Caroline Knight, Sabreen Kaur, Sharon K. Parker)

November 2021

Mediation: Causal Mechanisms in Business and Management (Patrick J. Rosopa, Phoebe Xoxakos, Coleton King)
Moral Emotion and Intuition in Organizations (Armin Pircher Verdorfer, Martin Fladerer, Clarissa Zwarg)
Strategic Empowerment in Human Resource Management (M. Taner Albayrak, Alper Ertürk)
The Impact of Reinsurance (Niels Viggo Haueter)

October 2021


September 2021

Crowdsourcing Innovation (Linus Dahlander, Henning Piezunka)
Hubris in Management (Eugene Sadler-Smith, Dennis Tourish)

August 2021

Competitive Dynamics in Strategic Management (Claudio Giachetti, Giovanni Battista Dagnino)
Control Variables in Management Research (Guclu Atinc, Marcia J. Simmering)
Pathways in Stakeholder Research (Ronald K. Mitchell, Bradley R. Agle, J. Robert Mitchell)
Technology Standardization in Innovation Management (Vadake Narayanan, Yamuna Baburaj)

June 2021

A Researcher's Toolkit for Observational Methods (Michael G. Pratt, Gabriel R. Sala)
Corruption and Business Ethics (Steven G. Koven, Abby Perez)
Longitudinal Designs for Organizational Research (James M. Diefendorff, Faith Lee, Daniel Hynes)

May 2021

Natural Experiments in Business Research Methods (Michael C. Withers, Chi Hon Li)
Social Networks and Employee Creativity (Gamze Koseoglu, Christina E. Shalley)
Structural Equation Modelling (Wayne Crawford, Esther Lamarre Jean)

April 2021

Innovation and Business Models (Lorenzo Massa, Christopher L. Tucci)

March 2021

Entrepreneurial Resilience (Robert Garrett, Lauren Zettel)
Inferential Statistics (Rand R. Wilcox)
Multilevel Theory, Methods, and Analyses in Management (Michael T. Braun, Steve W. J. Kozlowski, Goran Kuljanin)

February 2021

Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Research Perspective (Donald F. Kuratko, Jeffrey G. Covin)
Experiential Learning and Education in Management (D. Christopher Kayes, Anna B. Kayes)
Survey Design (Don H. Kluemper)

January 2021

December 2020

The Economics of Hacking (Kai-Lung Hui, Jiali Zhou)

November 2020

Open Innovation (Jennifer Kuan)
Platformizing Organizations: A Synthesis of the Literature (Pankaj Setia, Franck Soh, Kailing Deng)
Reinsurance Function and Market (Niels Viggo Haueter)

October 2020

Business Research Process (James A. Muncy, Alice M. Muncy)

October 2020

Business Research Process (James A. Muncy, Alice M. Muncy)

September 2020

August 2020

Corporate Political Strategies (Rodrigo B. DeMello)
National Systems of Innovation (Erik E. Lehmann, Julian Schenkenhofer)

July 2020

Executive Education (Rolv Petter Amdam)
Managing Third Sector Organizations (Alex Murdock, Stephen Barber)

June 2020


May 2020

Innovation Challenges (Yao Sun, Ann Majchrzak)
Managing Team Diversity in the Workplace (Maartje Schouten, Jasmien Khattab, Phoebe Pahng)

April 2020

Coopetition (Michael Dowling)
Maritime Business: A Paradigm of Global Business (Gelina Harlaftis, Ioannis Theotokas)

March 2020

Whiteness in Organizations: From White Supremacy to Allyship (Donna Chrobot-Mason, Kristen Campbell, Tyra Vason)

February 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility (Abagail McWilliams)
Is There a Female Leadership Advantage? (Lynn R. Offermann, Kira Foley)
Missing Data in Research (Hettie A. Richardson, Marcia J. Simmering)
Stereotypes at Work (Katina Sawyer, Judith A. Clair)

January 2020

Case Study Research: A State-of-the-Art Perspective (Eric Volmar, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt)
Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs (Vincenzo Butticè, Massimo G. Colombo)
Strategic Decision Making in Business (Birton Cowden, Bill Wooldridge)
User Innovation (Nikolaus Franke, Christian Lüthje)
Values, Other-Interest, and Ethical Behavior: The Critical Role of Moral Emotions (Jason Kautz, M. Audrey Korsgaard, Sophia So Young Jeong)

December 2019

Advances in Team Creativity Research (Lucy L. Gilson, Yuna S. H. Lee, Robert C. Litchfield)
Institutional Theory in Organization Studies (Robert J. David, Pamela S. Tolbert, Johnny Boghossian)

November 2019

Innovation for Society (Sanjay Sharma)
Managing Age Diversity in the Workplace (Cody Cox, Richard Posthuma, Fabian Castro, Eric Smith)

October 2019

Corporate Ethics (Thomas Donaldson, Diana C. Robertson)
Diversity Climate in Organizations (Elissa L. Perry, Aitong Li)
The Glass Ceiling in Organizations (Carol T. Kulik, Belinda Rae)

August 2019

Managing Conflict for Effective Leadership and Organizations (Dean Tjosvold, Alfred S. H. Wong, Nancy Yi Feng Chen)

June 2019

Dynamic Managerial Capabilities (Véronique Ambrosini, Gulsun Altintas)
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Rose L. Siuta, Mindy E. Bergman)

May 2019

Strategic Groups in Business (Briance Mascarenhas, Megan Mascarenhas)

April 2019

Agency Theory in Business and Management Research (G. Tyge Payne, Oleg V. Petrenko)
Mergers and Acquisitions (Paulina Junni, Satu Teerikangas)
Sources of Knowledge in Firms (Hugo Pinto, Manuel Fernández-Esquinas), summary

March 2019

Creative Thinking Processes: Managing Innovative Efforts (Michael D. Mumford, Robert Martin, Samantha N. Elliott)
Interpersonal Trust in Organizations (Jingjing Ma, John M. Schaubroeck, Catherine LeBlanc)

February 2019

Abusive Supervision (Ann Peng, Rebecca Mitchell, John M. Schaubroeck)
Emotions in Organizations (Cynthia Fisher)
Intuition in Management (Eugene Sadler-Smith)

January 2019

Accounting Narratives (Tracey J. Riley, Alex C. Yen)
Product and Innovation Portfolio Management (Vinícius Chagas Brasil, J.P. Eggers)

November 2018

Necessary Condition Analysis (Jan Dul), summary

October 2018

Regulatory Shocks: Forms, Dynamics, and Consequences (Nydia MacGregor, Tammy L. Madsen)

September 2018

August 2018

Organizational Happiness (Howard Harris)

May 2018

Workplace Deviance (Rebecca J. Bennett, Shelly Marasi, Lauren Locklear)

April 2018

Academic Integrity (Tracey Bretag)

March 2018

Business Groups as an Organizational Model (Asli M. Colpan, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra)
Cluster Evolution (Nydia MacGregor, Tammy L. Madsen)
Gender vs. Sex (Elisabeth Anna Guenther, Anne Laure Humbert, Elisabeth Kristina Kelan)

February 2018

Science and Innovation Policy (Cristina Chaminade, Bengt-Åke Lundvall), summary
The Swiss Watch Industry (Pierre-Yves Donzé)

January 2018

Men, Masculinities, and Gender Relations (Jeff Hearn, David Collinson)

December 2017

Global Diversity Management (Jawad Syed, Memoona Tariq)

November 2017

Creative Thinking Process (Michael Mumford, Samantha Elliott, Robert Martin), summary
Social Norms in Organizations (Jennifer E. Dannals, Dale T. Miller)

October 2017

Executive Severance Agreements: Making Sense of an Emerging, Yet Fragmented, Research Field (Felice B. Klein, Kevin McSweeney, Cynthia E. Devers, Gerry McNamara, Spenser Blosser)
Professions from a Gendered Perspective (Isabel Boni-Le Goff, Nicky Le Feuvre)
Work-Family Conflict and Work-Life Conflict (Ellen Ernst Kossek, Kyung-Hee Lee)

September 2017

Institutional Logics (Heather A. Haveman, Gillian Gualtieri)

August 2017

Family Business (Frank Hoy)
Luxury Business (Pierre-Yves Donzé, Rika Fujioka)
Organizational Innovation (Fariborz Damanpour)

July 2017


May 2017

Strategic Planning in the Public Sector (John Bryson, Lauren Hamilton Edwards)

April 2017

March 2017

Assessing the State of Top Management Teams Research (Steven A. Stewart, Allen C. Amason)
Corporate or Product Diversification (Margarethe F. Wiersema, Joseph B. Beck)
Entrepreneurship in the Arts (Joe Roberts), summary
Faultlines (Keith Murnighan*, Dora Lau)
Gender vs. Sex (Elisabeth Anna Günther, Anne Laure Humbert, Elisabeth Kristina Kelan), summary
Men, Masculinities, and Gendered Organizations (Jeff Hearn, David Collinson), summary
The Adaptive Organization and Fast-Slow Systems (Torben Juul Andersen, Carina Antonia Hallin)
The Glass Cliff (Clara Kulich, Michelle K. Ryan)

January 2017

Academic Integrity (Tracey Bretag), summary

July 2016

Faultlines (Keith Murnighan, Dora Chi-sun Lau)
Strategic Flexibility and Competitive Advantage (Kathryn Rudie Harrigan), revised
University Technology Commercialization (Kathleen R. Allen) (summary)

April 2016

Business Case for Diversity (Jacqueline A. Gilbert) (summary)

March 2016

Corporate or Product Diversification (Margarenthe F. Wiersema, Joseph B. Beck) (summary)
Global Diversity (Jawad Syed, Memoona Tariq) (summary)

February 2016

The Glass Cliff (Clara Kulich, Michelle K. Ryan) (summary)