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June 2022

Entrepreneurial Finance and Governance (Pierluigi Martino, Greg Bell, Abdul A. Rasheed, Cristiano Bellavitis)

May 2022

Frugal Innovation: Context, Theory, and Practice (Lukas Neumann, Oliver Gassmann)
Innovation in Family Business (Alfredo De Massis, Emanuela Rondi, Samuel Wayne Appleton)

April 2022

Innovation Indicators (Fred Gault, Luc Soete)

March 2022

Employee Voice: Meanings, Approaches, and Research Directions (Edoardo Della Torre, Alessia Gritti, Adrian Wilkinson)
Experiments in Organization and Management Research (Alex Bitektine, Jeff Lucas, Oliver Schilke, Brad Aeon)
Social Network Analysis in Organizations (Jessica R. Methot, Nazifa Zaman, Hanbo Shim)

February 2022

From Decision Support to Analytics (Ciara Heavin, Frederic Adam)

January 2022

Entrepreneur Coachability (Matthew R. Marvel)
Organizational Neuroscience (Sebastiano Massaro, Dorotea Baljević)
The Kaleidoscope Career Model (Sherry E. Sullivan, Shawn M. Carraher)

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