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During the late republic there was intense competition among the Roman elite to acquire and develop urban and suburban horti (large garden estates attached to an urban villa). These were valued not only for their commercial productivity and aesthetic appeal but because they advertised their owner’s wealth and status ..." – By Katharine T. von Stackelburg


"Agathias of Myrina (c. 532 to c. 580 CE), also known as Agathias Scholasticus, was a lawyer, poet, and historian active during the reigns of the Emperors Justinian I, Justin II, and Tiberius II. The epigrams on contemporary subjects and traditional themes that he and his circle composed and that he himself collected and published were widely read in the 6th century and later. His Histories, a lively continuation of the work of Procopius, remains a crucial source for the events of the 550s CE. ..." – By Steven D. Smith

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