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status, legal and social, Roman

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"In Roman law, status describes the ‘legal position’ of an individual with respect to both that person's household (familia) and the broader civic community of Rome. The concept of status is linked to caput or persona, an individual's legal ‘personality’. Personality roughly defines the limits of what an individual is legally able to do: marry, make contracts, commit crimes or delicts, bring lawsuits, and so on. In modern law, such issues are treated as aspects of legal capacity; but the Roman jurists lack this more sophisticated concept..." – By Bruce W. Frier

Aristophanes (1), Athenian poet of Old Comedy, 2nd half of 5th cent. BCE


"Aristophanes (1), the best-preserved poet of Old Attic Comedy, was a native of Athens and a member of the Cydathenaeum deme. He was the son of Philippus and he himself had at least two sons, of whom at least one and possibly both were themselves composers of minor comedies..." – By Mario Telò, Christopher Pelling, and Kenneth Dover

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