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pastoral poetry, Greek

"For as long as peasants have tended their flocks and herds on grazing lands away from the village, song and music (especially that of the pipe, which is easily cut, fashioned, and carried) have served as an anodyne against rustic tedium and brutality; the Taviani brothers' film Padre Padrone (1977) provides a powerful illustration from modern Sardinia..." – By Alan H. Griffiths

Philip (1) II, son of Amyntas, king of Macedon, c. 382–336 bce

"“Under Philip II, son of Amyntas III, king of Macedon between 360/59 and 336 BCE, one of the greatest transformations in ancient Greek history took place. What had so far been a peripheral area gained hegemony over most of the Greek world. The historical premises for the conquest of the Persian empire and the birth of the Hellenistic world were established, as Philip planned the Greek-Macedonian campaign against Persia, which was led, after his death, by his son Alexander III (“the Great”)..." – By Manuela Mari

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