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economy, Roman

economy rome

"The Roman economy was preindustrial, and most of the population was engaged in agricultural production. Agriculture and household production were salient features of the economy, along with urbanization, taxation, market exchanges, and slavery. Roman economic history is usually divided into three major chronological periods: the Republic (509 BCE–31 BCE), the principate (31 BCE–c. 284 CE), and the late empire (late 3rd–6th centuries CE)..." – By Annalisa Marzano

Sappho, lyric poet, c. 630-c. 570 BCE


"“Under Philip II, son of Amyntas III, king of Macedon between 360/59 and 336 BCE, one of the greatest transformations in ancient Greek history took place. What had so far been a peripheral area gained hegemony over most of the Greek world. The historical premises for the conquest of the Persian empire and the birth of the Hellenistic world were established, as Philip planned the Greek-Macedonian campaign against Persia, which was led, after his death, by his son Alexander III (“the Great”)..." – By Page duBois

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