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Caesarea (2) in Palestine  

Edith Mary Smallwood and Tessa Rajak

Online publication date:
Dec 2015
Caesarea (2) in Palestine, under its original name of Strato's Tower (after a king of *Sidon), was captured by the *Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus in 103 bce, attached to the province of Syria by ... More


Dov Gera

Online publication date:
Nov 2016
Eleutheropolis (Arabic Beit Jibrin; Hebrew Beth Govrin, Beit Guvrin) is situated in Judea’s Shephelah on the southwesterly road from Jerusalem to Ascalon. This area was known as Idumaea in the ... More


Benjamin Isaac

Online publication date:
Feb 2017
The city of Joppe/Jaffa/Yafo on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, immediately south of modern Tel Aviv, has a long history of importance as an urban centre, from the Middle Bronze Age ... More

Madaba Map  

Richard J. A. Talbert

Online publication date:
Feb 2017
This damaged, but still striking, floor-mosaic map offers a unique and invaluable example of late antique cartography, as well as the earliest surviving vision of the Holy Land. The map was ... More


Zeev Weiss

Online publication date:
Jun 2017
In the heart of the Lower Galilee lie the remains of Sepphoris, capital of the Galilee during long periods of antiquity. Both literary sources and archaeological finds indicate that the ... More


Arnold Hugh Martin Jones and Tessa Rajak

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
Tiberias, on the west side of Lake Galilee, was founded by *Herod (2) Antipas. Despite its Greek constitution, it was a primarily Jewish city. It was generally treated as capital of *Galilee until ... More