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June 2024

Belus/Marduk (Mary Frazer), revised
cuneiform (Martin Worthington, Mark Chetwood), revised
geocentricity (Jacqueline Feke), revised
Sumerian (Martin Worthington, Mark Chetwood), revised


May 2024

Akkadian (Martin Worthington), revised
arms and armour, Greek (Matthew A. Sears), revised
epithalamium (Katherine Wasdin), revised
eschatology, Jewish (Martha Himmelfarb)
graffiti (Jacqueline DiBiasie-Sammons)
horse- and chariot-races (Sinclair W. Bell, Jean-Paul Thuillier, Carolyn Willekes), revised
magister equitum (Bradley Jordan), revised
Minoan civilization (John Bennet), revised
ordo matronarum (Lewis Webb)
portraiture, Roman (Susan E. C. Walker), revised
wall of Aurelian (Rossana Mancini), revised


April 2024

Apollonius (Michael N. Fried), revised
grammar, grammarians, Latin (Thomas J. Keeline), revised


February 2024

Arbela (John MacGinnis, David Michelmore)

January 2024

athletics, Greek (Reyes Bertolín Cebrián), revised
diagnosis (Daniel King), revised
Plato, ethical and political thought (Christopher Bobonich), revised

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