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December 2020

Arcado-Cypriot dialect (Albio Cesare Cassio)
astrology (Daryn Lehoux), revised
Clodia (Marilyn B. Skinner), revised
Diodorus (Mario Baumann), revised
Philo Epicus (Thomas Kuhn-Treichel)
textile production (Miko Flohr), revised

November 2020

hetairai (Allison Glazebrook), revised

October 2020

Babatha (Kimberley Czajkowski), revised
Cornelius Celsus, Aulus (Rebecca Flemming), revised

September 2020

Bar Kokhba (Werner Eck), revised

August 2020

Asianism and Atticism (Lawrence Kim), revised
bouleuterion (Malcolm Bell, III)
clocks (Robert Hannah), revised
Hesiod (Jenny Strauss Clay), revised
magic, Roman (Richard Gordon)
Philonides (James Warren), revised

July 2020

baths and bathing (Fikret Yegül), revised
beer and brewing (Travis Rupp)
Domus Aurea (Larry Ball), revised
Etruscan language (Rex E. Wallace), revised
Ovid, poet, 43 BCE–17 CE (Stephen Hinds), revised
Persephone/Kore (Ana Isabel Jiménez San Cristóbal), revised
processions (Jacob Latham), revised
Tertullian (Eric Rebillard), revised
traffic, urban (Eric Poehler)
wine, Greek and Roman (Dimitri van Limbergen), revised

June 2020

Aeschines (1), (c. 397–c. 322 BCE) (Edward Harris), revised
arbitration, Greek (Edward Harris, Anna Magnetto), revised
Cairo geniza (Lawrence H. Schiffman)
calendar, Roman (Jörg Rüpke), revised
Cyril of Alexandria (Matthew R. Crawford), revised
demons in Christian thought (Gregory D. Wiebe)
Derveni papyrus (Valeria Piano)
Didymus the Blind (Blossom Stefaniw)
Diocles (Federicomaria Muccioli), revised
homicide, Greek (Edward Harris)
Irenaeus (Anthony Briggman), revised
Philodemus (David Blank), revised
popular culture, modern (Gideon Nisbet), revised
proxeny (proxenos) (William Mack), revised
Sidonius Apollinaris (Joop van Waarden), revised

May 2020

Arsenius the Great (Blossom Stefaniw)
Evagrius Ponticus (Blossom Stefaniw)
hermaphroditism (Katharine T. von Stackelberg)
Judaea-Palaestina (Benjamin Isaac), revised
orthodoxy (Richard Flower)
prostitution, secular, female (Thomas A.J. McGinn), revised
stola (Kelly Olson)

April 2020

agoranomoi, Greek (Alain Bresson), revised
Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius (Helen Kaufmann), revised
Oppian (Emily Kneebone), revised
prostitution, secular, female (Thomas A.J. McGinn), revised
rape (Sharon James)

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