About the Oxford Classical Dictionary

The new Oxford Classical Dictionary transforms the critically acclaimed fourth edition of the text for the digital age. Guided by Editor in Chief Tim Whitmarsh, it offers a continuously updated and ever-expanding online resource for students and scholars alike. It brings the speed and flexibility of the digital world to the same high quality and authority that has always been the hallmark of the OCD.

Main features of the digital OCD:

  • Hosts a continuously growing collection of over 6,500 entries
  • New and revised entries published online on a monthly basis
  • Broader chronological, geographical, and cultural reach than the fourth edition, featuring new articles on gender studies, Late Antiquity, Christianity, Jewish studies, Near East, Bronze Age, linguistics, and reception
  • Updated and, often, rewritten OCD4 entries, incorporating new available data, perspectives, and bibliographical resources
  • A truly living resource that evolves as the disciple evolves; articles offer the ability to see prior versions providing a real-time window into an ever-evolving discipline  
  • All new and revised articles are peer-reviewed and feature a wide array of multimedia resources, including images, maps, audiovisual clips, links to primary texts, cross-references, and other digital tools
  • Reflects a broader and more inclusive coverage of the ancient world than the fourth edition thanks to a diverse and international board of editors and contributors

The Oxford Classical Dictionary is currently available to institutions worldwide via subscription and perpetual access and to individuals via subscription. The Oxford Classical Dictionary is part of the larger online Oxford Research Encyclopedia, a dynamic digital encyclopedia continuously updated by the world’s leading scholars and researchers. Learn more about the program here.

Reviews and Awards

Outstanding Academic Title by Choice 16

“The digital OCD [is] an excellent and worthy successor to its dog-eared print ancestors... Final verdict−the reviewer loves and highly recommends OCD’s digital version to all libraries serving patrons and students who study and appreciate the classics.” −Vincent Burns, American Reference Books Annual

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