Past Updates

September 2022

barbarian (Emma Dench), revised
client kings (Julia Wilker), revised
iambic poetry, Greek (Ralph Rosen), revised
mosaic, Greek (Hallie Franks), revised

August 2022

Aristaenetus (Anna Tiziana Drago)
earthquakes (Georgia L. Irby), revised
Eteocretans (Anthony James Whitley)
Gallic Wars (Kate Gilliver), revised
Iulius Agrippa (2) II, Marcus (53-94/95 ce) (David M. Jacobson), revised
migration and mobility (Elena Isayev, George Baroud), revised
orientalizing (Gail L. Hoffman), revised
paradoxography (Kenneth W. Yu), revised

July 2022

Iulius Agrippa (1) I, Marcus (37-43/4 ce) (David M. Jacobson), revised
Mycenaean Pylos (Jack L. Davis, Sharon R. Stocker), revised
Praisos (Anthony James Whitley)
taxation (Peter Fibiger Bang)

June 2022

Appian (Kai Brodersen), revised
inequality (John Weisweiler)

May 2022

3 Maccabees (Noah Hacham)
historiography, Hellenistic (Daniel Tober), revised
Linear A (Ester Salgarella)
Oplontis (Michael Thomas), revised
Sea People (Louise Hitchcock)
Sicyon (Yannis Lolos), revised
Tacitus (1), Roman historian (Ellen O'Gorman), revised

April 2022

Pharisees (Eyal Regev), revised

March 2022

body (Laurence Totelin, Helen King), revised
Cumae (Matteo D'Acunto), revised
food and drink (Erica Rowan), revised
mythology, Greek (Sarah Iles Johnston)

February 2022

Boudica (Louise Revell), revised
Buthrotum (David R. Hernandez), revised
economy, Hellenistic (Zosia Archibald), revised
fishing (Annalisa Marzano), revised
Ilion (Charles Brian Rose)
metallurgy, Greek (Sandra Blakely), revised
palaces (Kim Shelton), revised
Virgil (Fiachra Mac Góráin, Don P. Fowler, Peta G. Fowler), revised

January 2022

amphorae, Roman (J. Theodore Peña), revised
Caesarea (2) in Palaestina (Joseph Patrich), revised
Campus Martius (Penelope Davies), revised
dictator (Frederik Juliaan Vervaet), revised
Hypatia (Henriette Harich-Schwarzbauer), revised
Linear B (Dimitri Nakassis)
Photius (Filippo Ronconi), revised
Samaritans (Reinhard Pummer), revised
ships, Bronze Age (Shelley Wachsmann)
Tullius Cicero, Marcus, life (Kathryn Tempest), revised
villa (Michael L. Thomas), revised

December 2021

agricultural writers (Marco Formisano), revised
Elegiae in Maecenatem (Tom Geue), revised
Laus Pisonis (Tom Geue), revised
Troy (Peter Pavúk), revised

November 2021

Ara Pacis (Diane Atnally Conlin), revised
Aristeas, Letter of (Sylvie Honigman), revised
consul (Francisco Pina Polo), revised
Gla (Michael F. Lane), revised
Lucillius (Lucia Floridi), revised
neoanalysis (Christos Tsagalis)
Paulus Silentiarius (Steven D. Smith), revised
Philon (4), 'Philo' (Maren Niehoff), revised
pyramids (Corinna Rossi)
sea power, Roman (Carsten Hjort Lange)
triumphal arch (Diane Favro), revised

September 2021


August 2021

lex Canuleia (Lewis Webb)
amphitheatres (D. L. Bomgardner), revised
Areopagus (Edward Harris), revised
Herod (2) Antipas (Jan W. van Henten), revised
Isocrates (J. D. Mikalson), revised
legal procedure, Athens (Edward Harris)
lex (1), categories of Roman law (Sven Günther), revised
medicine, Egyptian (Hans-W. Fischer-Elfer)
metrology, Roman (Andrew M. Riggsby)
seals, sealstones, and signet rings (Judith Weingarten), revised
technopaignia (Jan Kwapisz), revised

June 2021

Aristarchus (Nathan Camillo Sidoli), revised
Diophantus (Jean Christianidis), revised
Euripides (Isabelle Torrance), revised
Hippocratic Corpus (Laurence Totelin)
Kalends of January (Lucy Grig)
widows (Thomas A.J. McGinn), revised
women in science (Sophia Connell)

May 2021

astronomy, Babylonia (John Steele)
environment (Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Katherine Blouin)
medicine, Mesopotamia (John Z. Wee)
Menelaion (Anthony James Whitley), revised
metrology, Mesopotamia (Grégory Chambon)
Pseudo-Zachariah (Geoffrey Greatrex)
Symeon the Stylite the Younger (Dina Boero, Charles Kuper)

April 2021

Agathias (Steven D. Smith), revised
arithmetical tables (Giuseppina Azzarello)
Athenaeus (S. Douglas Olson), revised
Colosseum (Heinz-Jürgen Beste), revised
Eleutherna (Antonis Kotsonas)
gardens (Katharine T. von Stackelberg), revised
Lyktos (Antonis Kotsonas)
Terentia (Harriet I. Flower), revised


March 2021

Babrius (Niklas Holzberg), revised
Demosthenes (Edward Harris), revised
Eustathius of Epiphania (Laura Mecella)
helots (David M. Lewis), revised
Herculaneum (Andrew Wallace-Hadrill), revised
Laws of Crete (David M. Lewis)
luxury (luxuria) (Catharine Edwards)
Maccabees (Erich S. Gruen), revised
Plague of Justinian (Peregrine Horden)
stepmothers (Patricia Watson)
technology (Lynne Lancaster), revised
Tullia (Harriet I. Flower), revised

February 2021

abortion (Patty Baker), revised
Amazons (Adrienne Mayor), revised
Aratus (Emma Gee), revised
astronomical tables (Alexander Jones)
Common Peace (Polly Low), revised
elephants (Michael B. Charles), revised
Etruscans (Nigel Spivey), revised
homosexuality, male (Craig Williams), revised
Lucretia (Rebecca Langlands), revised
postmodernism and the classics (Paul Allen Miller)
Volumnia Cytherisa (Marilyn B. Skinner)

January 2021

Euclid (Michalis Sialaros), revised
Servilia (Harriet I. Flower), revised

December 2020

Arcado-Cypriot dialect (Albio Cesare Cassio)
astrology (Daryn Lehoux), revised
Clodia (Marilyn B. Skinner), revised
Diodorus (Mario Baumann), revised
Philo Epicus (Thomas Kuhn-Treichel)
textile production (Miko Flohr), revised

November 2020

hetairai (Allison Glazebrook), revised

October 2020

Babatha (Kimberley Czajkowski), revised
Cornelius Celsus, Aulus (Rebecca Flemming), revised

September 2020

Bar Kokhba (Werner Eck), revised

August 2020

Asianism and Atticism (Lawrence Kim), revised
bouleuterion (Malcolm Bell, III)
clocks (Robert Hannah), revised
Hesiod (Jenny Strauss Clay), revised
magic, Roman (Richard Gordon)
Philonides (James Warren), revised

July 2020

baths and bathing (Fikret Yegül), revised
beer and brewing (Travis Rupp)
Domus Aurea (Larry Ball), revised
Etruscan language (Rex E. Wallace), revised
Ovid, poet, 43 BCE–17 CE (Stephen Hinds), revised
Persephone/Kore (Ana Isabel Jiménez San Cristóbal), revised
processions (Jacob Latham), revised
Tertullian (Eric Rebillard), revised
traffic, urban (Eric Poehler)
wine, Greek and Roman (Dimitri van Limbergen), revised

June 2020

Aeschines (1), (c. 397–c. 322 BCE) (Edward Harris), revised
arbitration, Greek (Edward Harris, Anna Magnetto), revised
Cairo geniza (Lawrence H. Schiffman)
calendar, Roman (Jörg Rüpke), revised
Cyril of Alexandria (Matthew R. Crawford), revised
demons in Christian thought (Gregory D. Wiebe)
Derveni papyrus (Valeria Piano)
Didymus the Blind (Blossom Stefaniw)
Diocles (Federicomaria Muccioli), revised
homicide, Greek (Edward Harris)
Irenaeus (Anthony Briggman), revised
Philodemus (David Blank), revised
popular culture, modern (Gideon Nisbet), revised
proxeny (proxenos) (William Mack), revised
Sidonius Apollinaris (Joop van Waarden), revised

May 2020

Arsenius the Great (Blossom Stefaniw)
Evagrius Ponticus (Blossom Stefaniw)
hermaphroditism (Katharine T. von Stackelberg)
Judaea-Palaestina (Benjamin Isaac), revised
orthodoxy (Richard Flower)
prostitution, secular, female (Thomas A.J. McGinn), revised
stola (Kelly Olson)

April 2020

agoranomoi, Greek (Alain Bresson), revised
Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius (Helen Kaufmann), revised
Oppian (Emily Kneebone), revised
prostitution, secular, female (Thomas A.J. McGinn), revised
rape (Sharon James)

March 2020

hagiography (Christa Gray)

February 2020

acoustics (Massimo Raffa), revised
Epic Cycle (Jonathan Burgess), revised
gender (Laura McClure), revised
race (Denise Eileen McCoskey), revised

January 2020

Athenaeus (2) Mechanicus (David Whitehead), revised
capitalism (Neville Morley), revised
epic (Philip Hardie), revised
nenia (Dorota Dutsch), revised

December 2019

Celtic languages (John Penney), revised

November 2019


October 2019

alphabets of Italy (John Penney), revised
Lycurgus (2), legendary Spartan (2) (Massimo Nafissi), revised
possession, religious (Corinne Ondine Pache), revised

September 2019

archaism in Latin (Leofranc Holford-Strevens), revised
Raetic language (John Penney), revised
Sabellic languages (John Penney), revised
Sozomen, church historian (Alberto J. Quiroga Puertas), revised

August 2019

pronunciation, Latin (W. Sidney Allen, Jonathan G. F. Powell), revised

July 2019

associations, Roman (Koenraad Verboven), revised
Malchus (1), Carthaginian general (Josephine Crawley Quinn), revised

June 2019


May 2019

euergetism (Arjan Zuiderhoek)
maritime loans (Dominic W. Rathbone)
mechanics (Sylvia Berryman)
Proba, Faltonia Betitia (Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed)
Terentius Varro, Marcus (Robert A. Kaster)

April 2019

athletics, late antiquity (Sofie Remijsen)
Cayster River (Marijana Ricl)
cento, Latin (Stephen Harrison), revised
debasement, monetary (Colin P. Elliott)
heart (Julius Rocca)
inflation (Colin P. Elliott)
landscapes, Roman (Kim Bowes)
lex Agraria, 111 BCE (Tommaso Beggio)
magic, Greek (Radcliffe G. Edmonds III)
Marcian of Heraclea (Bianca Maria Altomare)
Paulinus of Nola, c. 352/3–c. 431 CE (Dennis E. Trout), revised
underworld (Radcliffe G. Edmonds III)
Vibius Sequester (David Paniagua)
wetlands (bog, marsh) (Giusto Traina)

March 2019

thymos (Douglas Cairns)
Anonymus Londiniensis (Daniela Manetti)
Eleatic school (John Palmer), revised
intratextuality (Alison Sharrock)
matronalia (Fanny Dolansky)
Muziris papyrus (Dominic W. Rathbone)

February 2019

brain (Julius Rocca)
conic sections (Michael N. Fried)
Constitutio Antoniniana (Myles Lavan), revised
Damasus I, Bishop of Rome, 366–384 CE (Marianne Sághy), revised
knowledge, theories of (Richard Bett)
lex Oppia (Ville Vuolanto)
lex Papia Poppaea (Jacob Giltaij)
Mycenaean civilization (Jeremy Rutter), revised
senatus consultum Tertullianum (Kimberley Czajkowski)
tabulae Iguvinae (Michael Weiss), revised
Victorinus, Marius, c. 285–c. 365 CE (Stephen A. Cooper), revised

January 2019

Ilias Latina (Steven J. Green), revised
Aethicus Ister (Paola Marone)
Evagrius Scholasticus, c. 535–c. 600 CE (Lionel Michael Whitby), revised
Lefkandi (Irene Lemos), revised
lex Aebutia (Anna Tarwacka)
metonymy (Sebastian Matzner)
Mycenae (Kim Shelton), revised
Parthian-Roman Wars (Jason M. Schlude)
pneumatics (Sylvia Berryman), revised
population, Roman (Saskia Hin), revised
senatus consultum Orfitianum (Kimberley Czajkowski)
sex, anal (Jeffrey Henderson)
trigonometry (Nathan Camillo Sidoli), revised
Vegetius Renatus (Michael B. Charles), revised

December 2018

lex Iulia municipalis (Georgy Kantor)

October 2018

The Jewish Patriarchate (Lee I. Levine)

August 2018

Triphiodorus, of Panopolis, epic poet (Laura Miguélez-Cavero), revised

July 2018

Amphiaraus (Hanne Eisenfeld), revised
annona (other products) (Carlos Machado)
Germanic languages (Jay H. Jasanoff), revised

June 2018

courts, Roman (Leanne Bablitz)
film and television (Monica S. Cyrino), revised
Gorgias (1), of Leontini, orator (Josh Wilburn), revised
lex (P)Laetoria (Peter Candy)
mysteries, Bacchic (Fritz Graf)

May 2018

materialism (James I. Porter), revised
tragic history (Lisa Irene Hau)

April 2018

lex Falcidia (Jakob Fortunat Stagl)
prices (Paul Erdkamp)
senatus consultum Iuventianum (Benedikt Eckhardt)
senatus consultum Pegasianum (Benedikt Eckhardt)
Vulgar Latin (Roger Wright)

March 2018

metalepsis (Peter v. Möllendorff)

February 2018

Alexander Romance (Richard Stoneman)
auctions (Jean Andreau)
children in Roman law (Ville Vuolanto)
cuneiform (Benjamin Fortson), revised
Erechtheus (Adam Rappold), revised
Erichthonius (1), Athenian hero (Adam Rappold), revised
lex Cincia on gifts (Peter Candy)
lex Voconia (Ville Vuolanto)
opera (Michael Ewans), revised
Pompeius Festus, Sextus, scholar (John North, Fay Glinister), revised
Sulpicia (1), elegiac poet (Laurel Fulkerson), revised

January 2018

anecdote (Simon Goldhill)
Ben Sira (Benjamin G. Wright III)
Coptic language (T. G. Wilfong)
Eteocypriot (Philippa M. Steele)
illustrations, technical (Courtney Ann Roby)
Lemnian language (Rex E. Wallace)
lex Ovinia (Charles Bartlett)
lex Publilia Philonis (Charles Bartlett)
Old Persian language (Benjamin Fortson)
Oscan language (Benjamin Fortson)
Punic language (Benjamin Fortson)

December 2017

Elymian language (Benjamin Fortson)
South Picene language (Benjamin Fortson)

November 2017

diagrams (Courtney Ann Roby), revised
Faliscan language (Benjamin Fortson)
Musaeus, Greek poet (Silvia Montiglio)
North Picene language (Benjamin Fortson)
saeculum (Susan Bilynskyj Dunning)
Sicel (or Siculian) language (Benjamin Fortson)
Umbrian language (Benjamin Fortson)
wealth, Roman attitudes towards (Gloria Vivenza, Neville Morley)

October 2017

Delphic oracle (Michael Scott), revised
fulling (Miko Flohr)
Gold Tablets (Fritz Graf)
Hera (Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, Gabriella Pironti), revised
Procopius (Marion Kruse), revised
Secular Games (Susan Bilynskyj Dunning), revised
tribunicia potestas (T. Corey Brennan)

September 2017

abacus (Serafina Cuomo), revised
Empiricists (Marquis Berrey)
Quintus Smyrnaeus (Silvio Bär), revised

August 2017

Ḥimyar, kingdom of (Yosef Yuval Tobi)
lex Ogulnia (Kimberley Webb)
Methodists (Marquis Berrey)
optimates, populares (Alexander Yakobson), revised

July 2017

Antikythera Mechanism (Alexander Jones)
British Latin (Benjamin Fortson)
Callias, Peace of (Ugo Fantasia), revised
conversion, Jewish (Matthew Thiessen)
criminal law, Roman (Andrew M. Riggsby)
ekphrasis (Michael Squire), revised
energy and power (Neville Morley)
Gothic language (Benjamin Fortson)
sacred laws (Robert Parker), revised
salted fish products (Robert I. Curtis)
Twelve Tables (Carlos Amunátegui Perelló), revised

June 2017

Aelian (Steven D. Smith), revised
careers, poetic, Latin (Joseph Farrell)
carpentry, Roman (Jean-Pierre Adam)
lex Hortensia (Lorenzo Gagliardi)
lex Poetelia Papiria (Saskia Roselaar)
Lydiadas (James Roy), revised
markets and fairs, Greek (David Tandy), revised
Pyramus and Thisbe (Stephen J. Harrison), revised
Sepphoris (Zeev Weiss)
Tiryns (Joseph Maran), revised

May 2017

freedmen/freedwomen, Greek (David M. Lewis, Sara Zanovello)
homosexuality, female (Sandra Boehringer)
lex Valeria de provocatione (Saskia Roselaar)

April 2017

analogia, De (Alessandro Garcea), revised
Beros(s)us (Johannes Haubold), revised
Ctesias (Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones), revised
Larinum (Elizabeth Robinson), revised
leges Liciniae Sextiae (Lorenzo Gagliardi)
lex Claudia, 218 BCE (James R. Townshend)
linothorax (Gregory S. Aldrete)
Maecenas, Gaius (Emily J. Gowers), revised
money (Colin P. Elliott), revised
prayer, Jewish (Stefan C. Reif)

March 2017

Donatus and Donatism (David E. Wilhite)
Hierocles of Alexandria (Hermann S. Schibli)
Latin literature, popular (Luca Graverini)
lex Villia Annalis, 180 BCE (James R. Townshend)
ships of Lake Nemi, the (Deborah N. Carlson)
the self in Greek literature (Christopher Gill)

February 2017

androgyny (Luc Brisson)
Antichthon/Antipodes (Alfred Hiatt)
epigraphy, Etruscan (Jean Turfa)
folktale (William Hansen)
Iulius Romanus, Gaius (R. A. Kaster), revised
Iulius Solinus, Gaius (Kai Brodersen), revised
Jaffa (Benjamin Isaac)
Julius Caesar, reception of (W. Jeffrey Tatum)
Madaba Map (Richard J. A. Talbert)
rivers (Brian Campbell)
wind (Liba Taub)

January 2017

Panskoye I (Vladimir F. Stolba)

December 2016

glass, Roman (H.E.M. Cool)
Laws of the Kings (Carlos Amunátegui Perelló)
Sibylline Oracles (Erich S. Gruen)
Theophanes of Hermopolis, Journey (Richard J. A. Talbert)

November 2016

(Aelia) Eudocia (Pavlos Avlamis)
actio (Thomas Rüfner)
baking, Roman (Jared T. Benton)
Eleutheropolis (Dov Gera)
quasi delict (Maria Floriana Cursi)

August 2016

demography (Saskia Hin)
shops and shopping (Claire Holleran)
tribuni plebis (Peter Sidney Derow)

July 2016

crowns and wreaths, Greek (Brian Campbell)
masturbation (Kelly L. Wrenhaven)
poverty (Neville Morley)

June 2016

epinician poetry (Simon Hornblower)
legislation (nomothesia) (Mirko Canevaro)
pavements, Roman (Irene Bragantini)

May 2016

Antonius Abba (Samuel Rubenson)
Benedictus Nursinus (Scott G. Bruce)
Gymnosophists (Ewen Bowie)
institores (Jean-Jacques Aubert)
Irenaeus (John Norman Davidson Kelly), revised
Tertullian (William Hugh Clifford Frend, M. J. Edwards, Tony Honoré), revised

April 2016

aqueducts (Richard Allan Tomlinson, Nicholas Purcell), revised
Athanasius (John Norman Davidson Kelly, David M. Gwynn), revised
body (Helen King), revised
coinage, Roman (Michael Crawford), revised
masculinity (Mark Golden), revised
Nausicaa (Herbert Jennings Rose, Jenny March), revised
papyrology, Latin (J. David Thomas), revised
Petronius (Stephen J. Harrison), revised
poetic unity, Greek (Richard Hunter)
sculpture, Roman (Glenys Davies), revised
women (Helen King), revised

March 2016

exploration (Duane W. Roller)
Atlantic Ocean (Duane W. Roller)
annona (grain) (Paul Erdkamp)
cosmogonies and theogonies (Carolina López-Ruiz)
Pseudo-Oppian (Emily Kneebone)
ius honorarium (Callie Williamson)
Sabiniani and Proculiani (Tessa Leesen)
Temples of Sant'Omobono (Nicola Terrenato)
Getty hexameters, the (Roy D. Kotansky)
bronze vessels, Roman (James Frederick Gerrard)

December 2015

Ben-Hur, reception of (Jon Solomon)
delict (Floriana Cursi)
epinētron (Jenifer Neils)
floods (Gregory S. Aldrete)
God-fearers (theosebeis) (Pieter W. van der Horst)
Zagreus (Radcliffe G. Edmonds III)
gladiators, combatants at games (Garrett G. Fagan), revised
Colluthus of Lycopolis, fl. c. 490–520 CE (Laura Miguélez-Cavero), revised
Apuleius, writer and orator, b. c. 125 CE (Stephen J. Harrison), revised
dokimasia (P. J. Rhodes), revised
pagan, paganism (Philip Rousseau), revised
Melito (Henry Chadwick, M. J. Edwards), revised
Ulfila (Peter Heather), revised
hetairai (Madeleine M. Henry), revised
marriage ceremonies, Roman (Gordon Willis Williams), revised
theatre staging, Greek (J. Richard Green), revised
Alcinous (1) (Herbert Jennings Rose), revised
Galatea (Herbert Jennings Rose), revised
Bellum Civile (Christopher Pelling), revised
parody, Latin (Peta G. Fowler, Don P. Fowler), revised
Claudius Pulcher (2), Appius (Ernst Badian), revised
matriarchy (Simon Geoffrey Pembroke), revised
prostitution, secular, female (Madeleine M. Henry), revised
cantica (Peter G. M. Brown), revised
Sulpicia (1) (Patricia Watson), revised
Sulpicia (2) (Mario Citroni), revised
carmen (Peta G. Fowler, Don P. Fowler), revised
Soterichus (Richard Hunter), revised
Stasinus (Martin Litchfield West), revised
Lotus-eaters (Jenny March), revised
Myrrha (Alan H. Griffiths), revised
Themisto (Herbert Jennings Rose), revised
Aias (Herbert Jennings Rose, Jenny March), revised
Teucer (Herbert Jennings Rose, Jenny March), revised
Aesopus (George Chatterton Richards, M. T. Griffin), revised
Stertinius (Edward Courtney), revised
Apollonius (1) Rhodius (Richard Hunter), revised
Theocritus (Alan H. Griffiths), revised
Theodoridas (Richard Hunter), revised
Tyrannio (2) (Peter Barr Reid Forbes, Nigel Wilson), revised
Terentius Varro Atacinus, Publius (Edward Courtney), revised
Sulpicius, Servius (Edward Courtney), revised
Hellenistic poetry at Rome (D. P. Nelis), revised
analogia, De (John Wight Duff), revised
poetry, philosophers on (S. Halliwell), revised
Poppaea Sabina (Theodore John Cadoux, M. T. Griffin), revised
Telamon (2) (Edward Togo Salmon, D. W. R. Ridgway), revised
Subura (Ian Archibald Richmond, John Patterson), revised
Thamugadi (William Nassau Weech, R. J. A. Wilson), revised
Thessaly (Bruno Helly), revised
Ephesus (William Moir Calder, John Manuel Cook, Charlotte Roueché, Antony Spawforth), revised
Thebes (2) (Joseph Grafton Milne, Antony Spawforth), revised
novus homo (Ernst Badian), revised
sanitation, Roman (A. Simon Esmonde Cleary), revised
Fregellae (Edward Togo Salmon, T. W. Potter), revised
Monte Testaccio (Janet DeLaine), revised
murrina vasa (David Edward Eichholz, Antony Spawforth), revised
Parma (Edward Togo Salmon, T. W. Potter), revised
Augusta Raurica (John Frederick Drinkwater), revised
Saepinum (Edward Togo Salmon, T. W. Potter), revised
Suessa Aurunca (H. Kathryn Lomas), revised
Teanum Apulum (H. Kathryn Lomas), revised
Teanum Sidicinum (H. Kathryn Lomas), revised
Tegianum (H. Kathryn Lomas), revised
medicine (J. T. Vallance), revised
Symphosius, 4th–5th cent. CE (T.J. Leary), revised