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September 2023

slavery, Roman (Ulrike Roth), revised

August 2023

architects (John R. Senseney), revised
centaurs (Alan H. Griffiths, Christopher Burden-Strevens, Aedan Weston), revised
emotions (Douglas Cairns), revised
female life-course (Kelly Olson)
Martial, Latin poet (Luke Roman), revised
Mylitta (Mary Frazer), revised
sanctuaries, Greek (Margaret M. Miles), revised

July 2023

Column of Trajan, reception of (Elizabeth R. Macaulay)
Isaeus (1), Athenian speech-writer, c. 420–340s BCE (Brenda Griffith-Williams), revised
Livius Andronicus, Lucius, c. 280/270–200 bce (Thomas Biggs, Gesine Manuwald, H. D. Jocelyn), revised
meteorology (Liba Taub), revised
Pantheon, reception of (Elizabeth R. Macaulay)
shipwrecks, ancient (Deborah N. Carlson), revised
triumphal arches, reception of (Kimberly Cassibry)
zooarchaeology (Michael MacKinnon)

June 2023

Achilles (Jonathan S. Burgess), revised
eisangelia (Edward Harris), revised

May 2023

art, funerary, Greek (Nathan T. Arrington), revised
Calpurnius Siculus (Yelena Baraz), revised
Catullus (1), Gaius Valerius (Julia Haig Gaisser, Gail Trimble), revised
Circus Maximus (Marialetizia Buonfiglio)
Cleopatra VII, 69–40 BCE (Christelle Fischer-Bovet), revised
Hades (A. Henrichs, Ellie Mackin Roberts), revised
Lucian, of Samosata (Manuel Baumbach), revised
mobility, economic (Claire Holleran)
Plato, knowledge and its objects (Julia Annas), revised
Pontius Pilatus (Helen K. Bond), revised
pottery, Roman (Kevin Greene), revised
rabbis (Hayim Lapin), revised
slavery, Greek (David Lewis), revised
temple, Greek (Philip Sapirstein)

April 2023

animals, knowledge about (Pietro Li Causi), revised
cross-dressing (Vassiliki Panoussi)
glass, Greek (Katherine A. Larson)
mythography (R. Scott Smith)
Priscian, 5th–6th cent. bce (Thomas J. Keeline), revised
Psellos, Michael (Stratis Papaioannou), revised
women in philosophy (Sophia Connell), revised
Diocletian, Roman emperor, 284–313 CE (Monica Hellström), revised
metre, Latin (Llewelyn Morgan, Jonathan Powell), revised

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