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August 2022

Aristaenetus (Anna Tiziana Drago)
earthquakes (Georgia L. Irby), revised
Eteocretans (Anthony James Whitley)
Gallic Wars (Kate Gilliver), revised
Iulius Agrippa (2) II, Marcus (53-94/95 ce) (David M. Jacobson), revised
migration and mobility (Elena Isayev, George Baroud), revised
orientalizing (Gail L. Hoffman), revised
paradoxography (Kenneth W. Yu), revised

July 2022

Iulius Agrippa (1) I, Marcus (37-43/4 ce) (David M. Jacobson), revised
Mycenaean Pylos (Jack L. Davis, Shari R. Stocker), revised
Praisos (Anthony James Whitley)
taxation (Peter Fibiger Bang)

June 2022

Appian (Kai Brodersen), revised
inequality (John Weisweiler)

May 2022

3 Maccabees (Noah Hacham)
historiography, Hellenistic (Daniel Tober), revised
Linear A (Ester Salgarella)
Oplontis (Michael Thomas), revised
Sea People (Louise Hitchcock)
Sicyon (Yannis Lolos), revised
Tacitus (1), Roman historian (Ellen O'Gorman), revised

April 2022

Pharisees (Eyal Regev), revised

March 2022

body (Laurence Totelin, Helen King), revised
Cumae (Matteo D'Acunto), revised
food and drink (Erica Rowan), revised
mythology, Greek (Sarah Iles Johnston)

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