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June 2021

Aristarchus (Nathan Camillo Sidoli), revised
Diophantus (Jean Christianidis), revised
Euripides (Isabelle Torrance), revised
Hippocratic Corpus (Laurence Totelin)
Kalends of January (Lucy Grig)
widows (Thomas A.J. McGinn), revised
women in science (Sophia Connell)

May 2021

amphitheatres (D. L. Bomgardner), revised
astronomy, Babylonia (John Steele)
environment (Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Katherine Blouin)
medicine, Mesopotamia (John Z. Wee)
Menelaion (James Whitley), revised
metrology, Mesopotamia (Grégory Chambon)
Pseudo-Zachariah (Geoffrey Greatrex)
Symeon the Stylite the Younger (Dina Boero, Charles Kuper)

April 2021

Agathias (Steven D. Smith), revised
arithmetical tables (Giuseppina Azzarello)
Athenaeus (S. Douglas Olson), revised
Colosseum (Heinz-Jürgen Beste), revised
Eleutherna (Antonis Kotsonas)
gardens (Katharine T. von Stackelburg), revised
Lyktos (Antonis Kotsonas)

March 2021

Babrius (Niklas Holzberg), revised
Demosthenes (Edward Harris), revised
Eustathius of Epiphania (Laura Mecella)
helots (David M. Lewis), revised
Herculaneum (Andrew Wallace-Hadrill), revised
Laws of Crete (David M. Lewis)
luxury (luxuria) (Catharine Edwards)
Maccabees (Erich S. Gruen), revised
Plague of Justinian (Peregrine Horden)
stepmothers (Patricia Watson)
technology (Lynne Lancaster), revised
Tullia (Harriet I. Flower), revised

February 2021

abortion (Patty Baker), revised
Amazons (Adrienne Mayor), revised
Aratus (Emma Gee), revised
astronomical tables (Alexander Jones)
Common Peace (Polly Low), revised
elephants (Michael B. Charles), revised
Etruscans (Nigel Spivey), revised
homosexuality, male (Craig Williams), revised
Lucretia (Rebecca Langlands), revised
postmodernism and the classics (Paul Allen Miller)
Volumnia Cytherisa (Marilyn B. Skinner)

January 2021

Euclid (Michalis Sialaros), revised

January 2021

Euclid (Michalis Sialaros), revised
Servilia (Harriet I. Flower), revised

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