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March 2023

Diocletian, Roman emperor, 284–313 CE (Monica Hellström), revised
metre, Latin (Llewelyn Morgan, Jonathan Powell), revised

February 2023

Aristophanes (1), Athenian poet of Old Comedy, 2nd half of 5th cent. BCE (Mario Telò, Christopher Pelling, Kenneth Dover), revised
physiognomy (Maria Michela Sassi), revised
Sadducees (Eyal Regev), revised

January 2023

aesthetics (Stephen Halliwell), revised
anti-Semitism, pagan (Catherine Hezser), revised
economy, Roman (Annalisa Marzano), revised
Knossos (Anthony James Whitley), revised
plague (Kyle Harper), revised
timber (Benjamin Graham), revised

December 2022

Book of Daniel (Anathea E. Portier-Young)
pagan, paganism (Michele Renee Salzman), revised
pastoral poetry, Latin (Yelena Baraz), revised
Phryne (Melissa Funke)
Pliny (2) the Younger, 61/62–c. 112 ce (Christopher Whitton), revised
reciprocity, Greek (Tazuko Angela van Berkel), revised

November 2022

Alexander Jannaeus (Katell Berthelot)
camps, Roman (Norbert Hanel), revised
disability (Jane Draycott)
Samaria (Boaz Zissu, Dvir Raviv), revised

October 2022

John Hyrcanus (Katell Berthelot)
munus (Arjan Zuiderhoek), revised
Xenophon (1), Greek historian (Christopher J. Tuplin), revised

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