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For over 70 years, scholars and students of the ancient world have relied on the Oxford Classical Dictionary as an invaluable reference work. As the OCD grew in scope and length over successive editions, its comprehensive and virtually unparalleled coverage pushed the limits of print. We at Oxford University Press are thus excited to bring you this digital edition of the OCD. Editor in Chief Tim Whitmarsh, our dedicated team of Area Editors, and our team at Oxford University Press work tirelessly to ensure the OCD continues to support research on all facets of the classical world and meet the demands of contemporary researchers.

In its digital form, OCD is a continuously updated and ever-expanding resource that will ensure scholarship remains current and reflective of emerging subfields and perspectives. New and revised articles written by leading international authors appear on a rolling basis. The OCD also incorporates intuitive search and browse features and multimedia, including images, links, and audiovisual clips that complement textual content and connect readers to innovative digital materials that have become integral to the field. These enhancements on the OCD, as well as our team of dedicated professionals, reinforce the OCD’s commitment to providing scholarship of the highest caliber.

We welcome your feedback and invite you to share ideas and get involved to expand the new Oxford Classical Dictionary!

The OCD Editorial Team