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Quintilian, Roman advocate and rhetorician, 1st century CE  

Curtis Dozier

Quintilian (Marcus Fabius Quintilianus) was a prominent orator and teacher of rhetoric in Rome during the Flavian period. His best-known work is the Institutio Oratoria, “The Orator’s Education,” which presents an idealized curriculum for the training of orators, beginning with their birth and extending through their retirement in old age. It has been treated primarily as a storehouse of information about ancient rhetorical theory and Roman educational practices but is increasingly recognized as a literary work in its own right, marked in particular by Quintilian’s own deployment of the same rhetorical techniques that the Institutio teaches.The details of Quintilian’s biography are uncertain, being based only on a few testimonia and his own references to his career, many of which present difficulties of interpretation.1Jerome (Chron. 186 Helm) says he was born in Calagurris (Calahorra) in Spain and that he came to Rome with Galba in 68 ce.