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Climate and Simulation  

Gabriele Gramelsberger

Published Online:
Oct 2018
Climate and simulation have become interwoven concepts during the past decades because, on the one hand, climate scientists shouldn’t experiment with real climate and, on the other hand, ... More

Climate Change Adaptation  

Philipp Schmidt-Thomé

Published Online:
Feb 2017
Climate change adaptation is the ability of a society or a natural system to adjust to the (changing) conditions that support life in a certain climate region, including weather extremes ... More

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies of Local Governments in Japan  

Kenshi Baba, Masahiro Matsuura, Taiko Kudo, Shigeru Watanabe, Shun Kawakubo, Akiko Chujo, Hiroharu Tanaka, and Mitsuru Tanaka

The latest climate change adaptation strategies adopted by local governments in Japan are discussed. A nationwide survey demonstrates several significant findings. While some prefectures ... More

Climate Change and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks  

Pierre Friedlingstein

Published Online:
Dec 2016
Climate and carbon cycle are tightly coupled on many time scales, from the interannual to the multimillennial. Observation always shows a positive feedback between climate and the carbon ... More

Climate Change and Geopolitics  

Simon Dalby

Historic discussions of climate often suggested that it caused societies to have certain qualities. In the 19th-century, imperial representations of the world environment frequently ... More

Climate Change and Migration  

Silja Klepp

The topic of climate change and migration attracts a strong following from the media and produces an increase in academic literature and reports from international governmental ... More

Climate Change and Severe Thunderstorms  

John T. Allen

The response of severe thunderstorms to a changing climate is a rapidly growing area of research. Severe thunderstorms are one of the largest contributors to global losses in excess of USD ... More

Climate Change Communication and Indigenous Publics  

Candis Callison

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Indigenous experiences with climate change have become increasingly visible through media stories of rising sea levels, heavy storms, and coastal erosion due to climate change in places as ... More

Climate Change Communication in Argentina  

M. Teresa Mercado-Sáez and César Galarza

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Climate change research in Argentina focuses on its physical aspects (natural sciences) and not so much on the social aspects, beyond the various surveys measuring perceptions and concerns ... More

Climate Change Communication in Austria  

Markus Rhomberg

Published Online:
Dec 2016
Research on climate change communication is a neglected field in Austria. Only slowly, scientists as well as policy makers are entering the domain of communicating climate change, ... More

Climate Change Communication in Belgium  

Yves Pepermans and Pieter Maeseele

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Climate change communication in Belgium takes place in a socio-economic context characterized by an economic surplus and an ecological deficit. This implies that in the short term the ... More

Climate Change Communication in Canada  

Candis Callison and D. B. Tindall

Published Online:
Oct 2017
The immense geographical and cultural breadth of Canada includes a significant Arctic region and many distinct indigenous and rurally located peoples who are profoundly affected by climate ... More

Climate Change Communication in China  

Ji Li and Luo Dan

Published Online:
Oct 2017
As one of the most serious challenges facing humankind during the 21st century, climate change not only relates to many fields such as science, culture, economics, and politics, but also ... More

Climate Change Communication in Colombia  

Luisa Fernanda Lema Vélez, Daniel Hermelin, María Margarita Fontecha, and Dunia H. Urrego

Published Online:
May 2017
Colombia is in a privileged position to take advantage of international climate agreements to finance sustainable development initiatives. The country is a signatory of the United Nations ... More

Climate Change Communication in Denmark  

Mikkel Fugl Eskjær

Published Online:
Apr 2017
Climate-change communication in Denmark was initially related to a broader environmental agenda and to discussions surrounding U.N. charters on sustainability, reflecting a traditional ... More

Climate Change Communication in Germany  

Mike S. Schäfer

Published Online:
Jul 2016
Climate change communication has a long history in Germany, where the so-called “climate catastrophe” has received widespread public attention from the 1980s onwards. The article reviews ... More

Climate Change Communication in Hong Kong and Taiwan  

Tsung-Jen Shih

Published Online:
Aug 2017
Taiwan and Hong Kong are similar in their determination to combat climate change. Not only have they set up objectives about carbon emission reduction, but they also have actively enacted ... More

Climate Change Communication in India  

Jagadish Thaker

Published Online:
Oct 2017
Climate change communication is a relatively new area of research in India—a country that ranks high in vulnerability due to poverty, yet a major emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs). This ... More

Climate Change Communication in Ireland  

Emmet Fox and Henrike Rau

Published Online:
Oct 2016
Climate change communication research in Ireland has only recently emerged as a distinct field of inquiry. Research to date reveals the marginalization of climate change in the mainstream ... More

Climate Change Communication in Israel  

Hillel Nossek

Published Online:
Apr 2019
Given its location between the Mediterranean Sea and the desert, it seems Israel would be aware of the potential risks of climate change, especially given its lack of natural fossil ... More