The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate of Africa

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate of Africa

Through a comprehensive set of articles, this Special Project explores the climate of Africa on a continental and regional basis for past and present climate with an assessment of potential future climate change. It provides overviews and up-to-date reviews of the patterns and dynamics of climate, its variability, predictability, links to environment, and links to the continent’s inhabitants. Environmental issues considered include land use and land cover change, biomass burning, desertification, and deforestation. Climate-human interaction is addressed via articles on climate and health, climate and conflict, adaptation to climate, and relationship to policy and governance. It is co-edited by Professor Martin Claussen and Dr. Sharon Nicholson. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science.To read The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate of Africa articles online, see the Climate of Africa section of the ORE of Climate Science. This section will continue to grow as the project expands. 

 Martin Claussen, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

 Sharon Nicholson, Florida State University


Current Climate in Africa

Current Regional Climate in Africa 

Climate Dynamics in Africa 

Climate of the Geological Past in Africa

Historical Climate Variations in Africa 

Future Climate in Africa

Future Regional Climate Change in Africa 

Anthropogenic Land Cover Change in Africa 

Climate-Human Interaction in Africa