Word from Oxford

Oxford University Press is proud to publish the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science. This major, expanding reference resource aims to address all dimensions of climate science and climate change. Led by Editor in Chief Hans von Storch and the experts on our international Editorial and Advisory Boards, the ORE spans not only the physical sciences that investigate climate in diverse spatial and temporal scales, but the societal construction of climate, and our capacities to respond to climate events for the short and long term.

The ORE of Climate Science occupies a unique and valuable place within the overwhelming volume of online scientific content available to researchers and advanced students in climate science and related disciplines. Through a comprehensive set of in-depth overview articles, the encyclopedia offers background and critical perspective for researchers who are seeking an authoritative grounding in unfamiliar subjects. It merges the cutting-edge quality of a peer-reviewed scientific journal with encyclopedic scope and the dynamic nature of an updateable online publication.

The ORE and its contents will evolve alongside new developments in the field, and at every stage, it will be strengthened by the efforts of authors, reviewers, and editors from the global scholarly community. As an axis for our understanding of, research in, and response to climate phenomena, it will help to contextualize what we know, what we don’t know, how we construct this knowledge, and what it can mean both for us and for planet Earth.

Please check this site for updates and news about the project, and consider getting involved.


Meghan Wright
Acquisitions Editor, Earth, Environmental, and Physical Sciences