The Oxford Encyclopedia of Communication and Critical Cultural Studies

Oxford Encyclopedia of Communication and Critical Cultural Studies

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Communication and Critical Cultural Studies provides an in-depth coverage of contemporary critical cultural scholarship in the field of Communication. This includes works describing and challenging racism, sexism, heterosexism; works theorizing institutional forms of social discipline; investigations of the production & consumption of communication as forms of labor; and the studies of affect & emotion in communicative influence. Critical cultural studies provide a vital supplement to studies of communication in various contexts, such as relationships, organizations, and political campaigns; as well as, to investigations on understanding the structures and discourses of domination & resistance as they occur beyond the agentive intervention of individuals. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication.


 Dana Cloud, Syracuse University

Editorial Board

 Lisa Flores, University of Colorado, Boulder

 Radhika Gajjala , Bowling Green State University

 Raka Shome, National University of Singapore

 Mary Triece, University of Akron

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Audience Studies


Colonialism and Postcolonialism

Communication and Cyberculture

Communication and Neoliberalism

Communication and Spatial Studies

Communication and the Global South

Consumption and Commodity Culture

Critical Argumentation Studies

Critical Communication Pedagogy

Critical/Cultural Approaches to Communication and Performance Studies

Critical/Cultural Organizational Communication

Culture and Social Movements


Dialogue, Listening, and Ethics

Diaspora and Migrancy

Ethics, Rhetoric, and Culture

Feminist Communication and Cultural Studies

Food Studies

Labor, Culture, and Communication

Marxist Traditions in Critical/Cultural Studies

Popular Culture


Psychoanalytic Methods

Public Memory

Public Spheres

Queer Studies in Critical/Cultural Communication


Rhetoric and Critical/Cultural Studies

Rhetorical Construction of Bodies

Semiotics and Visual Communication

Surveillance and Security

The Post-Human in Communication Studies

Urban Studies

War and Imperialism



Alternative Organizational Culture (George Cheney, Debashish Munshi)
Antonio Gramsci and Communication Studies (Marco Briziarelli, Eric Karikari)
Chicana Studies (Bernadette Marie Calafell)
Communication and the Global South (Doug Ashwell, Stephen M. Croucher)
Communication Ethics (Lisbeth A. Lipari)
Critical Audience Studies (Adrienne Shaw, Katherine Sender, Patrick Murphy)
Critical Food Studies (Helene A. Shugart)
Critical Whiteness Studies (Shannon Sullivan)
Cyberlibertarianism (Lincoln Dahlberg)
Digital Media Ethics (Charles Ess)
Donna Haraway and Communication Studies (Kevin Douglas Kuswa, Edward Lubich Kuperman)
Environment (Phaedra C. Pezzullo)
Ernesto Laclau and Communication Studies (Yannis Stavrakakis, Antonis Galanopoulos)
Feminist Organizational Communication (Colleen E. Arendt, Patrice M. Buzzanell)
Game Studies (Shira Chess)
Hegemony in Marxist Traditions (Marco Briziarelli, Jeff Hoffmann)
Liberalism and Neoliberalism (Sean Phelan, Simon Dawes)
Materialist Rhetoric (Bryan J. McCann)
Michael Warner and Communication Studies (Robert Alan Brookey, Jason Phillips)
Posthumanism (Diane Marie Keeling, Marguerite Nguyen Lehman)
Post-Structuralism (Nathan A. Crick)
Public Memory (Matthew Houdek, Kendall R. Phillips)
Race, Nationalism, and Transnationalism (Myra Washington, Kent A. Ono)
Rethinking Development Communication (Bhavya Chitranshi, Anup Dhar)
Rhetoric and Social Movements (Christina R. Foust, Raisa Alvarado)
Rhetorical Construction of Bodies (Davi Johnson Thornton)
Urban Communication (Susan J. Drucker, Gary Gumpert)
Visual Rhetoric (Zazil Reyes García)