The Oxford Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies takes stock of the evolving field of journalism, summarizing the development of major themes of research, revisiting key concepts and traditional forms and genres of journalism in light of contemporary developments, and to setting out directions for future research. It reflects the breadth and depth of contemporary journalism studies and acknowledges the rich history of the field. The encyclopedia also recognizes the global diversity in and around journalism in term of practices, normative frameworks, epistemologies, and others, and takes a globally comparative perspective throughout the volume. It is written to the highest international standards and at the same time is accessible for practitioners, advanced students, and other stakeholders with a particular interest in journalism and journalism research. The encyclopedia is available as a thematic print collection. All of the articles also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication.

Editor in Chief

Henrik Örnebring, Karlstad University

Editorial Board

Matthew Carlson, University of Minnesota

Stephanie Craft, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Michael Karlsson, Karlstad University

Helle Sjøvaag, University of Stavanger

Herman Wasserman, University of Cape Town

Yuen-Ying Chan, University of Hong Kong


Forms, Genres, and Types of Journalism

Key Concepts

The Practice of Journalism

The Reception of Journalism

Systems and Structures of Journalism

Theories and Research Perspectives


Accuracy in Journalism (Colin Porlezza)
Advertising and Journalism (Corinna Lauerer)
Advocacy Journalism (Ingrid Bachmann Cáceres)
Agenda Setting and Journalism (Sebastián Valenzuela)
Aggregation and Journalism (Mark Coddington)
Algorithms and Journalism (Rodrigo Zamith)
Beat Journalism and Reporting (Melanie Magin, Peter Maurer)
Citizen Journalism (Serena Miller)
Crowdsourcing in Journalism (Tanja Aitamurto)
Cultural Journalism (Kristina Riegert)
Development Journalism (Yvonne T. Chua)
Fact-Checking as Idea and Practice in Journalism (Lucas Graves, Michelle A. Amazeen)
Fake News (Bente Kalsnes)
Feature Journalism (Steen Steensen)
Financial Journalism (Jeffrey Timmermans)
Foreign Correspondents (Chris Paterson)
Framing and Journalism (Christian von Sikorski, Jörg Matthes)
Freelancing in Journalism (Brian L. Massey, Cindy Elmore)
Gatekeeping and Journalism (Pamela J. Shoemaker)
Global Journalism (Levi Obijiofor)
Humanitarian Journalism (Mel Bunce, Martin Scott, Kate Wright)
Intimacy, Emotion, and Journalism (Karin Wahl-Jorgensen)
Journalism as a Field (Olivier Baisnée)
Journalistic Autonomy (Henrik Örnebring, Michael Karlsson)
Literary Journalism (Richard Lance Keeble)
Long-Term Trends in News Content (Edda Humprecht, Linards Udris)
Mobile Applications and Journalistic Work (Allison J. Steinke, Valerie Belair-Gagnon)
Native Advertising (Bartosz Wojdynski)
News as Genre (Jelle Mast)
News as Narratives (Jacob Ørmen, Andreas Gregersen)
News Audiences and News Habits (Jannie Møller Hartley)
News Distribution (Joshua A. Braun)
News Literacy (Masato Kajimoto)
News Startups (Nikki Usher)
Online Comments and Journalism (J. David Wolfgang)
Paywalls and Payment Systems (Merja Myllylahti)
Peace Journalism (Jake Lynch)
Photojournalism (Loup Langton)
Political Journalism (Jesper Strömbäck, Adam Shehata)
Political Parallelism (Afonso de Albuquerque)
Press Subsidies (Mart Ots)
Propaganda and Journalism (Mira Sotirovic)
Public Relations and Journalism (Merryn Sherwood, Timothy Marjoribanks, Matthew Nicholson)
Public Service Journalism (Jackie Harrison)
Religion and Journalism (Gregory Perreault)
Representation and Journalism (Toussaint Nothias)
Ritual and Journalism (Chris Peters)
Routines in Journalism (Edson C. Tandoc, Jr., Andrew Duffy)
Satire and Journalism (Jason Peifer)
Science Journalism (Lars Guenther)
Skills and Journalism (Henrik Örnebring)
Sports Journalism (Peter English)
Systems Theory and Journalism (Armin Scholl, Maja Malik)
Transnational Cooperation in Journalism (Maria Konow-Lund, Amanda Gearing)
Transnational News Flows (Daya Kishan Thussu)