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April 2024

Amazigh Cultural Movement and Media in Morocco (Abdelmalek El Kadoussi, Bouziane Zaid, Mohammed Ibahrine)
Argumentation and Rhetoric (John Kephart III)


February 2024

Communicative Decisions in Families (Rudy C. Pett, Kristina M. Scharp, Yueyi Fan)
Long-Term Trends in News Content (Edda Humprecht, Linards Udris), revised

January 2024

Media Ownership and Journalism (Helle Sjøvaag, Jonas Ohlsson), revised
Minga for Indigenous Collective Communication: Indigenous Communication Public Policy in Colombia (Eliana Herrera Huérfano, Amparo Cadavid Bringe, Jair Vega-Casanova)

December 2023

Propaganda and Journalism (Mira Sotirovic), revised
The Rhetoric of Sport (Michael L. Butterworth)

November 2023

Conflict in Family Communication (John P. Caughlin, Emily Gerlikovski)
Flow Experiences and Media (Paula T. Wang, Kylie Woodman, René Weber)


October 2023

Critical Communication Pedagogy: Toward "Hope in Action" (Deanna L. Fassett, C. Kyle Rudick), revised

September 2023

Cognitive Skills Acquired from Video Games (Emma G. Cunningham, C. Shawn Green)
Perceptions of the Childfree (Elizabeth A. Hintz, Rachel Tucker)
Public Service Journalism (Jackie Harrison), revised
The Public Sphere and Journalism (Anthea Garman), revised

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