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Recently Published

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February 2020

Framing and Journalism (Christian von Sikorski, Jörg Matthes)
Representation and Journalism (Toussaint Nothias)

January 2020

Gatekeeping and Journalism (Pamela J. Shoemaker)
News as Genre (Jelle Mast)

December 2019

Journalistic Autonomy (Henrik Örnebring, Michael Karlsson)
Native Advertising (Bartosz Wojdynski)
Social Media, Culture, and Communication (Todd L. Sandel, Bei "Jenny" Ju)

November 2019

News Editing and the Editorial Process (Tim Klein, Elisabeth Fondren, Leonard M. Apcar)
Queer Intercultural Communication (Gust A. Yep, Ryan M. Lescure, Sage E. Russo)

September 2019

Commercialization of Journalism (Nina Kvalheim, Jens Barland)
Skills and Journalism (Henrik Örnebring)

August 2019

Financial Journalism (Jeffrey Timmermans)
Propaganda and Journalism (Mira Sotirovic)
Public Relations and Journalism (Merryn Sherwood, Timothy Marjoribanks, Matthew Nicholson)
Space in Rhetorical Theory (Joan Faber McAlister)
Transnational News Flows (Daya Kishan Thussu)

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