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Recently Published

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May 2019

Media Constructions of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (Travis L. Dixon, Kristopher R. Weeks, Marisa A. Smith)
Organizational Socialization (Brenda L. Berkelaar, Millie A. Harrison)
Political Cartoons (Zazil Reyes García)
Self-Disclosure (Jenny Crowley)

April 2019

Crowdsourcing in Journalism (Tanja Aitamurto)
Cultural Fusion Theory (Eric Mark Kramer)
News Startups (Nikki Usher, Aske Kammer)
Photojournalism (Loup Langton)

March 2019

Accuracy in Journalism (Colin Porlezza)
Beat Journalism and Reporting (Melanie Magin, Peter Maurer)
Citizen Journalism (Serena Miller)
Humanitarian Journalism (Mel Bunce, Martin Scott, Kate Wright)
News Distribution (Joshua A. Braun)
Public Service Journalism (Jackie Harrison)
Satire and Journalism (Jason Peifer, Taeyoung Lee)
Science Journalism (Lars Guenther)

February 2019

Advice: Communicating to Support and Influence (Erina MacGeorge, Lyn Van Swol)
Aggregation and Journalism (Mark Coddington)
Algorithms and Journalism (Rodrigo Zamith)
Epistemology and Journalism (Mats Ekström, Oscar Westlund)
Fact-Checking as Idea and Practice in Journalism (Lucas Graves, Michelle A. Amazeen)
Foreign Correspondents (Chris Paterson)
Global Journalism (Levi Obijiofor, Folker Hanusch)
Long-Term Trends in News Content (Edda Humprecht, Linards Udris)
Media Ownership and Journalism (Helle Sjøvaag, Jonas Ohlsson)
Mobile Applications and Journalistic Work (Allison J. Steinke, Valerie Belair-Gagnon)
News as Narratives (Jacob Ørmen, Andreas Gregersen)
Religion and Journalism (Gregory Perreault)
Ritual and Journalism (Chris Peters)
Routines in Journalism (Edson C. Tandoc, Jr., Andrew Duffy)
Systems Theory and Journalism (Armin Scholl, Maja Malik)

January 2019

Communication Privacy Management Theory (Sandra Petronio, Rachael Hernandez)
Journalism and Its Audience (Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Allaina Kilby)
Selective Avoidance and Exposure (Kevin Arceneaux, Martin Johnson)

December 2018

Donna Haraway and Communication Studies (Kevin Douglas Kuswa, Edward Lubich Kuperman)
Rethinking Development Communication (Bhavya Chitranshi, Anup Dhar)

November 2018

Communication and the Global South (Doug Ashwell, Stephen M. Croucher)
Communication Apprehension (Chris R. Sawyer)
Critical Audience Studies (Adrienne Shaw, Katherine Sender, Patrick Murphy)
Michael Warner and Communication Studies (Robert Alan Brookey, Jason Phillips)
Urban Communication (Susan J. Drucker, Gary Gumpert)

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