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Behavioral Indicators of Discrimination in Social Interactions  

Abigail R. Corrington, Mikki Hebl, and Jo-Ann Tsang

Online publication date:
Sep 2017

Anticipated Regret  

Marcel Zeelenberg

Online publication date:
May 2017

Nonverbal Interpersonal Communication  

Miles Patterson

Online publication date:
Jun 2018

Violent Media Content and Effects  

Robert Busching, Johnie J. Allen, and Craig A. Anderson

Recruiting Opinion Leaders for the United Kingdom ASSIST Programme  

Jo Holliday, Suzanne Audrey, Rona Campbell, and Laurence Moore

Appeals to Morality in Health and Risk Messaging  

Ann Neville Miller

Online publication date:
Jan 2017

Procrastination, Health, and Health Risk Communication  

Fuschia M. Sirois

Online publication date:
Apr 2017

Group Status  

Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi

Online publication date:
Aug 2017

Sexual Media Content and Effects  

Lucretia Monique Ward, Sarah E. Erickson, Julia R. Lippman, and Soraya Giaccardi

Online publication date:
Aug 2016

Organizational Socialization  

Brenda L. Berkelaar and Millie A. Harrison

Political Knowledge and Communication  

Lindsay H. Hoffman

Online publication date:
Jul 2019

Entertainment-Education and Health and Risk Messaging  

Suruchi Sood, Amy Henderson Riley, and Kristine Cecile Alarcon

Communications Research in Using Genomics for Health Promotion  

Jada G. Hamilton, Jennifer L. Hay, and Colleen M. McBride

Online publication date:
Feb 2018

Persuasive Health Message Design  

Nancy Grant Harrington

Online publication date:
Jun 2016