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Anticipated Regret  

Marcel Zeelenberg

Published Online:
May 2017

Recruiting Opinion Leaders for the United Kingdom ASSIST Programme  

Jo Holliday, Suzanne Audrey, Rona Campbell, and Laurence Moore

Location-Based Ads and Exposure to Health and Risk Messages  

Jonathan van 't Riet, Jorinde Spook, Paul E. Ketelaar, and Arief Hühn

Theory of Mind and Communication in Health and Risk Messaging  

M. Jeffrey Farrar, Yao Guan, and Kaitlyn Erhardt

Communications Research in Using Genomics for Health Promotion  

Jada G. Hamilton, Jennifer L. Hay, and Colleen M. McBride

Published Online:
Feb 2018

Press Subsidies  

Mart Ots and Robert G. Picard

News Literacy  

Masato Kajimoto and Jennifer Fleming

Published Online:
Jun 2019