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The Theory and Practice of Situational Crime Prevention  

Ronald V. Clarke

Online publication date:
Jan 2018
Situational crime prevention is radically different from other forms of crime prevention as it seeks only to reduce opportunities for crime, not bring about lasting change in criminal or ... More

Transgressive Imaginations  

Lizzie Seal and Maggie O'Neill

Online publication date:
Feb 2017
Transgressive imaginations refers to the breaking of rules and taboos including, but not limited to, acts of crime and violence as they are represented in fictive texts and ... More

True Crime Reporting in Early Modern England  

Ken MacMillan

Online publication date:
Dec 2016
True crime reporting was extremely popular in early modern England (ca. 1550–1800). Depending on when this literature was written, and the audience it was intended to attract, the ... More

Use of Civil Abatement to Combat Public Nuisances and Crime  

Arthur J. Lurigio and Elizabeth Maine Ellis

Online publication date:
Feb 2017
Civil abatement involves the use of non-criminal remedies to address crime and public disorder in communities. Such remedies can hold accountable nonperpetrators of criminal activities, ... More

Using Action Research to Improve Race Relations in Prisons  

Tom Ellis

Online publication date:
Apr 2019
Tackling racism in prisons has a relatively long policy, practice, and research history in England and Wales. However, clear evidence of success in reducing racism in prisons has been, and ... More

Using Cognitive Interviews to Guide Questionnaire Construction for Cross-National Crime Surveys  

Stephen Farrall

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
What is a “snowball”? For some, a snowball is a drink made of advocaat and lemonade; for others, a mix of heroin and cocaine injected; for yet others, a handful of packed snow commonly ... More

Using Naturalistic Observation to Develop Crime-Control Policies in Nighttime Entertainment Districts  

Monica Perez-Trujillo

Online publication date:
Jul 2018
For the last 20 years, research based on the idea that opportunities for crime are related to specific times and places has informed crime-control policies in nighttime entertainment ... More

Using Social Media to Resist Gender Violence: A Global Perspective  

Bianca Fileborn and Rachel Loney-Howes

This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Please check back later for the full article. ... More

Vengeance in Popular Culture  

Peter Robson

Online publication date:
Dec 2016
Vengeance or revenge has been characterized in popular culture in a range of different ways. Within theories of criminology and social psychology, its relationship to retribution has been ... More

Video Gaming, Crime, and Popular Culture  

Timothy Rowlands, Sheruni Ratnabalasuriar, and Kyle Noel

Online publication date:
Dec 2016
A product of the military-industrial complex, from the origins of the medium, video games have been associated with violence. As they have become increasingly popular, finding their ways ... More

Violence, Media Effects, and Criminology  

Nickie Phillips

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
Debate surrounding the impact of media representations on violence and crime has raged for decades and shows no sign of abating. Over the years, the targets of concern have shifted from ... More

Visual Criminology  

Michelle Brown

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
Visual criminology emerges from a call to rethink the manner in which images are reshaping the world and criminology as a project. The mobility, malleability, banality, speed, and scale of ... More

Visuality and Criminology  

Judah Schept

Online publication date:
Dec 2016
There can be no doubt that criminology has taken something of a visual turn, as evidenced by increasing numbers of articles, conference panels, edited volumes, monographs, and seminar ... More

Visual Representations of the Genocide  

Maria Elander

Online publication date:
May 2017
It is often stated that it is not possible to completely understand genocide: its horror and suffering defy complete representation. For those not immediately affected by the horror, ... More

War Crimes Trials in Popular Culture: The Afterlife of Nuremberg  

Valerie Hartouni

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
How do we account for the place that the Nuremberg trials have come to occupy in American popular memory, culture, and discourse? For some observers, the Nuremberg trials, conducted at the ... More

White-Collar Delinquency  

Andrea Schoepfer

Online publication date:
Aug 2018
Studies of white-collar crime have largely focused on the crimes and immoral and unethical actions of adults during the course of their legitimate occupations, yet adults are not the only ... More

Wildlife Crime  

Rachel Boratto and Carole Gibbs

Online publication date:
Sep 2017
Wildlife crime is an area of study typically defined from a legalistic perspective as an act in contravention of laws protecting wildlife. These crimes occur both within and across ... More

Witnessing and Victimhood  

Sandra Walklate

Online publication date:
Feb 2017
It is without doubt that the 21st century is marked by ever-present 24-hour media. Mobile phones, iPads, and Wi-Fi networks mean that many people in many different parts of the world are ... More

Women and White-Collar Crime  

Mary Dodge

Women and white-collar crime is a topic that has, overall, received little attention in the literature. Initially, women were omitted from discussion and research because of their lack of ... More

Worker Health and Safety  

Steven Tombs and David Whyte

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
From the best estimates we have, workers die as a result of health and safety crimes at perhaps 70 times the rate of people who are murdered and perhaps 15 times the rate of people killed ... More