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Experimental Design in the Study of Crime Media and Popular Culture  

Cara Rabe-Hemp and John C. Navarro

Published Online:
Aug 2016
In the study of crime media and popular culture, researchers have a wide range of research methodologies at their disposal. Each methodology or standardized practice for producing ... More

The Extent and Nature of Gang Crime  

Lauren Magee and Chris Melde

Published Online:
Apr 2018
Street gangs have been the focus of attention for over a century, largely due to their reputation for involvement in illegal activities, especially violence. Indeed, gangs use this ... More

Extortion and Extortion Racketeering  

Atanas Rusev

Published Online:
Nov 2018
Extortion as a crime has long attracted the interest of scholars, and much effort has been put into coining a precise definition that would allow distinguishing it from other similar ... More

False Confessions in Popular Culture  

Rebecca Pfeffer

Published Online:
Mar 2017
Stories involving false confessions can be emotional and moving, as they appeal to our innate desire for justice. As such, stories of false confessions can be powerful tools in books, ... More

Family Violence  

Tara E. Sutton and Leslie Gordon Simons

Family violence encompasses a broad range of maltreatment types between family members including physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, as well as neglect and financial exploitation. ... More

Fear of Crime  

Nicole Rader

Published Online:
Mar 2017
Fear of crime has been a serious social problem studied for almost 40 years. Early researchers focused on operationalization and conceptualization of fear of crime, specifically focusing ... More

Feminist Criminology and the Visual  

Kathryn Henne and Rita Shah

Published Online:
Sep 2016
In response to the limitations of mainstream criminology, feminist and visual criminology offer alternative approaches to the study of crime, deviance, justice institutions, and the people ... More

Feminist Perspectives on Criminal Justice in Popular Culture  

Greta Olson

Published Online:
Oct 2017
A discussion of feminist perspectives on crime and criminal justice in popular culture has to begin by pointing out that pop culture itself has traditionally been gendered as feminine. As ... More

Feminist Themes in Television Crime Dramas  

Nancy C. Jurik and Gray Cavender

Published Online:
Jun 2017
The academic literature notes that male-centered protagonists dominated the crime genre (novels, film, television) for many years. However, beginning in the 1970s, when women began to ... More

Filicide in Australian Media and Culture  

Janine Little and Danielle Tyson

Published Online:
May 2017
Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing a child. Despite its low occurrence, filicide is one of the most emotive offenses for a public audience. The murder of a child by their ... More

Film Noir  

William Luhr

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Film noir is a term coined by French critics in 1946 to describe what they considered an emerging and exciting trend in Hollywood films—one that signaled a new maturity in American cinema. ... More

Finance Crime  

Arjan Reurink

Published Online:
Nov 2018
Finance crime, that is, white-collar crime that occurs in the markets for financial goods and services, appears to be pervasive in 21st-century capitalism. Since the outbreak of the global ... More

Fines and Monetary Sanctions  

Alexes Harris and Frank Edwards

Published Online:
Apr 2017
Despite the central role that fines and other fiscal penalties play in systems of criminal justice, they have received relatively little scholarly attention. Court systems impose fines and ... More

Focused Deterrence Strategies  

Anthony Braga

Published Online:
Feb 2017
Focused deterrence strategies are increasingly being implemented in the United States to reduce serious violent crime committed by gangs and other criminally-active groups, recurring ... More

Folk Heroes and Folk Devils: The Janus Face of the Robber in Popular Culture  

Simon Hallsworth

Published Online:
Sep 2017
In this study of how the street robber has been positioned in popular culture, two starkly opposite views are presented on how this figure has been represented: namely, as folk devil and ... More

Foucault and the Visual Reconstitution of Criminological Knowledge  

Stephen Pfohl

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Criminology began as a speculative historical discourse about lawbreaking. Guided by the classical utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria, criminology in the late ... More

Framing Terrorism  

Alexandra Campbell

Published Online:
Apr 2017
As a discipline, criminology tends to treat terrorism as an objective phenomenon, to be mapped, explained, and managed. Scholars informed by more critical strains of the discipline, ... More

Gang Joining  

James A. Densley

Published Online:
Aug 2018
This article examines the who, what, where, when, why, and how of gang joining. The question of what youth join when they join gangs speaks to the contested nature of gang definitions and ... More

Gang Organization and Gang Types  

Christian L. Bolden

Published Online:
Mar 2018
Gang organization has been an aspect of research that is often explored and debated. The concept of organization is intertwined with questions of whether gangs have leaders, whether gangs ... More

Gangs and Social Media  

David C. Pyrooz and Richard K. Moule, Jr.

It was once presumed that costs of Internet adoption were too great for gang members to absorb. They lacked the financial resources to access the Internet or the technological know-how to ... More