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Gangs and Violence  

Haley Bullard and Shannon Reid

Much of the ongoing concern about the presence of gangs and gang members in the community has to do with the association between street gangs and violence. Decades of research on street ... More

Gangsters and Genre  

Anita Lam

Published Online:
Nov 2016
While there are multiple possible definitions of what makes a gangster film, ranging from the simple inclusion of a villainous gangster in a film to those that follow outlaws on the run, ... More

Gender and Community-Based Correctional Programs for Women  

Nicole Kaufman

In the contemporary era of “tough on crime” policies and the globalized drug war, the number of women in the criminal justice system has increased across several countries. Women’s ... More

Gender and Gang Involvement  

Dana Peterson

Sex and gender are often conflated, but there are important distinctions between the two. This is true also with terms related to gender identity, including masculinities and femininities ... More

Gender and Punishment  

Lynne Haney and Lili Dao

Published Online:
Feb 2018
In many respects, gender has been missing from the enormous literature on the form and focus of state systems of punishment. This is true in both the historical accounts on shifts in penal ... More

General Strain Theory  

Timothy Brezina

Published Online:
Feb 2017
General strain theory (GST) provides a unique explanation of crime and delinquency. In contrast to control and learning theories, GST focuses explicitly on negative treatment by others and ... More

Global Security Surveillance  

Keith Guzik and Gary T. Marx

Recent literature at the intersections of surveillance, security, and globalization trace the contours of global security surveillance (GSS), a distinct form of social control that ... More

The Global Traffic in Looted Cultural Objects  

Donna Yates

Published Online:
Dec 2016
The looting, trafficking, and illicit sale of cultural objects is a form of transnational crime with significant social and legal dimensions that call into question competing ideas of ... More

Gothic Criminology  

Cecil Greek

Published Online:
Apr 2017
Gothic criminology was developed in the first decade of the 21st century as a postmodern theoretical model, incorporating elements from key criminological/sociological texts and themes ... More


Andrzej Zieleniec

Published Online:
Jul 2017
Graffiti has a long history. There are many examples from the history of human cultures of signs and symbols left on walls as remnants of human presence. However, the origins of modern ... More

Green Criminology, Culture, and Cinema  

Bill McClanahan, Avi Brisman, and Nigel South

Published Online:
Sep 2017
Since first proposed by Brisman and South, green cultural criminology has sought to interrogate human-environment interactions in order to locate meaning. Within the broad framework of ... More

Group Processes Within Gangs  

Timothy R. Lauger

Published Online:
Mar 2019
Street gangs are, by definition, social groups that contain patterns of interactions between gang members, associates, and other gangs in their social environment. The structure and ... More

Guardianship and Informal Social Control  

Danielle M. Reynald

Published Online:
Mar 2018
This article provides a critical overview of the concepts of guardianship and informal social control. The discussion compares these fundamental criminological concepts and highlights ... More

Guilt or Innocence: Lessons About the Legal Process in American Courtroom Films  

Paul Bergman

Published Online:
Apr 2017
American courtroom films depicting criminal trials have long resonated with audiences around the world, including viewers in countries whose legal systems are very different from those ... More

Historical Approaches to the Study of Crime, Media, and Popular Culture  

Paul Knepper

Published Online:
Apr 2017
Historical study of crime, media, and popular culture has been underway since “the cultural turn” in the social sciences and humanities in the 1980s. Since then, a diverse literature has ... More

Historical Representations of Crime and the Criminal  

Eamonn Carrabine

Published Online:
Aug 2017
The enduring popular fascination with crime and criminality suggests that history matters. In the most obvious sense, current representations of crime in the media bear traces of earlier ... More

The History of Gangs and Gang Research  

Mark S. Fleisher

Radical culture change instigated by conflict among diverse cultural groups has had adverse social and psychological effects witnessed by the rise of youth gangs. A close look at the ... More

Homicide in Television Drama Series  

Penny Crofts

Published Online:
Jul 2017
This chapter analyzes the representation of homicide in contemporary television drama series. The chapter draws upon critical analysis from the fields of criminal law, criminology, law and ... More

Human Rights and Penal Policy  

Joachim Savelsberg and Suzy McElrath

Published Online:
Aug 2018
Structural and cultural changes in the modernization process, combined with contingent historical events, gave rise to a human rights regime. It is codified in the Universal Declaration of ... More

Human Trafficking and the Media in the United States  

Rachel Austin and Amy Farrell

Published Online:
Apr 2017
Although the exploitation of people for profit is not a new phenomenon, in the late 1990s and early 2000s international leaders, advocates, and the public became increasingly concerned ... More